WIPocalypse 2012

Sunday, April 01, 2018

March WIPocalypse

I’m a little late for WIPocalypse this month but better late than never:) Life kind of got in the way and work and Easter prep have taken a lot of my time. Hoping life slows down but Spring is here and soccer is starting so April will be filled with rides to and from practice and games. 

Thank you for all the kind words on my work last month. I had a lot of fun working on the stars and actually purchased a couple Katie Dean Spring patterns to work on this month so I have some bunnies and chicks to show you...


Most of these are Easter gifts but the boys want some for home too so I’m sure I’ll do a few more next Spring but I need a little break. I have plans to try a box in April but we’ll see how fast my beads arrive as I’m currently waiting on two orders. 

Didn’t get nearly as much done on Castles as I’d have liked to but I’m hoping April will be the month. With all the beading I’ve been doing I’ve really missed stitching and my fingers are itching to get back to this one. This is the current state of Castles... 


Just about 30 days left until I leave for Celebration, looking forward to the long stitchy weekend and hopefully finding some fabric for Silver Creek’s My Christmas List which I received as part of my birthday present. 

So then April goals- work on Castles, try a beaded box and pull threads for My Christmas List. See you all in a month! 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February WIPocalypse check in

My update will be pretty short and sweet this month. My original Olympics plan got derailed by both Zelda and the stuffed beaded stars. Not only did I finish the blue one I showed last time but several more as well.  They don’t all have their little rhinestone centers yet but only because  I’ve found I need some good tweezers for placement and I want to try to glue them all in one big batch so I only have to deal with the glue fumes once.



I can’t complain too much about them taking up my stitching time though since they are going to be Christmas presents and now hopefully I won’t be frantically trying to finish things off in December. We’ll see if I can keep on track. I’m getting more requests for them by the day it seems! This is where the pattern can be purchased if you are interested. They aren’t difficult once you get through the first piece or two and memorize the start. 

The sad little bit of actual stitching I did get done was on Castles. Thank you for the kind words on the last post about fabric choice.  I decided the over one was too much to do all at once so I’m trying to alternate strands of over one with some of the regular stitching. Seeing the rest of the design start to emerge really makes me want to keep going on this one but I really need to show poor Coppervein some love in March too. Tune in next time to find out who wins my attention!


So March plans- probably more stars and hopefully a combination of Castles in the Air and Coppervein. I think I’ve got most of the obsessive Zelda playing out of my system now so hopefully that won’t eat up too much of my crafty time. Been spending some time watching our oldest son play and helping him out lately which leaves my hands free to bead or stitch so maybe I’ll have a more productive March.

In other stitchy news the registration is up for Celebration of Needlework in NH this May. We have the money and I can take the vacation time so I got registered and am counting down the days until my plane leaves. Very much looking forward to seeing everybody I stitched with last year again and making some new friends too.

Monday, January 29, 2018

January WIPocalypse Check In

Happy almost February everyone! Thanks for all the happy and stitchy 2018 wishes. I tried to hit as many blogs as 3 kids in the house allows last month and loved seeing everyone’s WIPocalypse plans. I did okay in January though of course my original plans were immediately derailed in favor of a few unexpected projects. 

I made it a couple weeks on Watergarden and then kind of stalled out here...

Watergarden 1/28/18

Got about halfway down the right hand side, not too bad for one round. And not to worry, stitchy bug wasn’t gone. The stitchy ADD kicked in because I found Castles in the Air on the WIP pile and decided now would be a good time to start the lettering so I have at least a little progress to show in May at Celebration. As you can see I’ve opted for some alternate text. It will eventually be the Thoreau quote about castles in the air. I’ve always liked that one and this seems a pretty appropriate piece for it. This one is being stitched on 32 count Lupine linen with DMC 712.

Castles in the Air 1/24/18

My final project for the month has been to start something not so stitchy. I’ve been following a few Facebook stitchers who have been turning out beaded stars like crazy (pattern here) and decided that these should be Christmas gifts. I’ve never done this sort of beading before but I have not had any trouble after figuring out the start. So far I’m almost done with the first one done in size 11 Delicas as the pattern suggests and I started a second with a red/pink mix of Czech glass beads almost the same size. They’re not quite as precision cut as the Delica brand but I saw them at Hobby Lobby and loved the color mix so I thought I’d give them a try. I haven’t seen anyone do anything but solid colors in the main part of the star but I love the way the first section looks so far, both colors and the way the beads are lining up. I see quite a few more stars in my future as several people have already requested them as Christmas gifts, my boys included. I know I said I was doing Mill Hill sleds for them but that may turn into a 2019 plan. Chris has already claimed my blue star and Josh has eyes on the green beads I bought but we’ll see when I get a few more done. 


I do have some stitchy plans for the next month, we’ll see if they stick. Hoping to continue the stars and finish at least the blue one if not the red one too.  I plan on trying to finish the lettering for Castles or at least getting as far as I can before the Stitching Olympics start and then picking up Coppervein for the rest of the time before check in. It’s going to be February so no kid sports and the weather is likely to be cold so hoping for lots of stitchy time as long as I don’t get derailed by the Nintendo Switch. I got the newest Legend of Zelda for my birthday this month and it has seriously eaten into my stitching time despite being passed between my husband, oldest son and me. 

Sunday, January 07, 2018

WIPocalypse 2018: The introduction

Hi all! In case you’re landing here for the first time I’m Sara and I’m a stitcher, wife, Mom to 3 little boys, and retail pharmacist (gotta pay the bills and buy the stash somehow). I am participating in Measi’s WIPocalypse SAL again because it’s fun and my goal is of course to stitch all the stash. I have a bit of a BAP problem and apparently have quite a few more projects kitted and started than I realized before I recently combed through them all, unkitted the ones I’m not interested in any longer, and organized what was left. It would take years to finish the current WIPs if I stitched nothing else and I’m mostly ok with that because I’m not on a time limit except for one that is a gift.

So let’s get started. First off, my helpers...


That’s Christopher, Joshua, and Benjamin (L-R). The twins are 3 and Josh is 9. They love that I stitch and are convinced that all pieces belong to them. They also love to help and are finally all old enough that I can stitch when they’re all awake though my progress is sometimes slower than I’d like.

The current favorites in the house also happen to be my two focus pieces for the year, Watergarden and Coppervein. Watergarden is a Chatelaine and was started forever ago. It is mine despite Christopher’s claim that it is going to live in his room. It is likely destined for my living room wall and I kind of fell in love with it again recently so I’d like to get it done and hung sooner rather than later. I’m stitching on opalescent white even weave with most of the called for fibers except I did swap out the NPI silk for DMC and am happy with the results. I am a little farther along on the right side now but this is the most recent pic of the full piece.

Watergarden 12/30/17

Coppervein is a HAED I’m working on as a gift for my little brother. I promised him I’d stitch him a big piece when he graduated high school and moved out on his own. He took some time and picked it off the HAED site and I’ve been slowly working on it. I’d like to make some good progress on it in 2018 but I know it’s not feasible to finish it.

Coppervein 12/30/17

And then there’s the bin.


It holds quite a variety of unfinished projects including but definitely not limited to...

The Jim Shore angel I started and really should finish for my MIL.


The Shepherd’s Bush ornaments I never finished for my tree.


The class projects from last year’s Celebration of Needlework.


And so many more which hopefully you will see in 2018. I’m not doing a strict stitch from stash year but I’m trying to work on WIPs more than new starts. That said, I do have a few new starts planned.


They are some of the Mill Hill sleds from last year and Russian Nights Sampler. These are actually for the kids. I try to stitch them an ornament each year so that they will have some of their own when they eventually leave and move out and this year they picked out the sleds. The sampler is an old, out of print design gifted to me by a dear stitchy friend (thank you Darla!) for my Josh who we adopted from Russia as a toddler. I have a few other Russian themed pieces I’d like to eventually stitch for him but at the moment he is fascinated with the look of the Cyrillic alphabet and St. Basil’s so this piece is perfect. I do have in stash Chatelaine’s White Nights of St. Petersburg, Terry Nolan’s Enchantment of Winter, a Thea Gouverneur (I think St. Basil’s), as well as a couple of kits we picked up while in Russia but please feel free to comment and point out any awesome pieces I may have missed. I hope to do a Russia wall someday and if Josh wants some of the pieces he will be welcome to take them when he moves out.

I think that’s a pretty good intro for today. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to and getting some work done on Watergarden so I ave new pics for you next time.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

December WIPocalypse check-in

So life kinda got in the way and I missed a few month but January is just round the corner and it is all about resolutions so I will try again and hopefully life will cooperate. Nothing particularly bad happened just got busy with kids and school and work and soccer.

Anyway since it is still December, how about a look back at what I've accomplished? My first big accomplishment was actually making it out to Celebration of Needlework in New Hampshire last May. It was a stitcher's dream to have so many teachers and vendors and stitchers in one spot and to meet in person so many stitchers I've gotten to know online over the years and some new ones too. The DH and I both took trips for our hobbies last year and had originally planned to alternate years but I think we've found a way to make Celebration 2018 fit into the budget😊

As for the actual stitching, I didn't do so well blogging toward the end of the year but I was stitching. The finishes of 2017...

Sleeping Baby (Vervaco)

Lovebirds (CCN)

Some Bunny Loves You (CCN)

America (LHN)

Joe's Garage (Mill Hill)
Joe's Garage

Chalkboard ornaments (Hands On Design)
Chalkboard ornamentsChalkboard ornaments
Chalkboard ornamentsChalkboard ornaments

You Were Hatched (TW)
You Were Hatched

Mill Hill ornament

Teddy Bear Birth Announcement (Vervaco)

I actually finished quite a lot more than it felt like during the year but none of them were the old WIPs, the ones that have birthdays and are older than my kids. I've got several of those and am hoping to clear out at least one or two in 2018. But we'll get into all that next time in the 2018 kick off post. I've been working on revising the WIPocalypse page of this blog for next year so check that out if you'd like a preview. For now, I think I'm going to go check out everyone else's blog and get some stitching time in while it snows and the kids are semi-quietly playing. Happy New Year, may it be a good and stitchy one.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

August WIPocalypse

How did it get to be last Sunday of the month again? Feels like we just posted July yesterday! Lots has happened in the last month. Had a family reunion, trip to WI, another big family party, Josh went back to school and soon soccer and birthday/holiday season will be upon us. Can't believe we're about to have a 9 year old and not one but two 3 year olds in the house! Here they are last month at Mars Cheese Castle in Wisconsin.

Mars Cheese Castle 

On to the stitching. It feels like I didn't get a lot done last month but looking at the pictures I did manage some progress. First, a new start- Joe's Garage, a Mill Hill Button & Bead kit.

Joe's Garage 8/27/17 

Made the tiniest amount of progress on my chalkboard ornaments.

  Chalkboard ornaments 8/27/17 

And gave the Vervaco teddy bear a face.

  Vervaco Birth Announcement 8/27/17

Hoping to finish off Joe's Garage this month and maybe the Vervaco piece too. Fingers crossed the trio of snotty boys decides to camp out in front of the TV so I can get a couple hours in this afternoon before Erich comes home tonight. He's been gone this weekend for a gaming tournament and the boys decided to all catch the same cold at the same time so they could use a quiet day before get to Monday. Happy Stitching all!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

July WIPocalypse

I think I've got my photo storage and linking problems solved with Flickr, still a little annoyed at the lack of notice from Photobucket on their policy change but I'll continue on with Flickr for now and maybe go back and redo old links as I get a chance. Good thing is the old pics are all still there at Photobucket, the links from here just don't show it because they don't want to do third party hosting without a hefty fee.

Anyway, on to the check in since it is once again last Sunday of the month and WIPocalypse time. I actually feel like I accomplished quite a lot this month. I managed a finish and work on several projects. First up, I finished LHN's America for my Mom. I stitched on a scrap of some unknown evenweave from my stash with the recommended DMC. I was hoping to get it backed and finished off before the 4th but just haven't had the time or been in the right mood.


I was also in the mood to stitch over one so I got some work done on Coppervein too. I'm getting close to a page finish but the light colored confetti on the right side of his wing tip goes on forever.

  Coppervein 7/29/17 

The ornament pile grew a bit too with a few additions to the chalkboard ornament pile. Hoping that by starting early I won't be scrambling in December but I'm sure I'd get sidetracked at some point, seems to happen every year! 

  Chalkboard ornaments 7/29/17

And finally a birth announcement start. There's a little one coming in October and he needs some teddy bears so I'm going to give him a Vervaco I've had for awhile. I can't find a name for it but I've got the kit# around here somewhere if someone wants to try to find it. This is my second time stitching it so I converted the leftover kit floss to DMC and bought some ivory 32 count Lugano to stitch this version on.

Vervaco birth announcement 7/29/17

That's it for my July progress. Planning to continue on with ornaments and the teddy bears in August and hopefully finish the bears and replace them with Teresa Wentzler's You Were Hatched. We've got a trip to Chicago/WI planned in a couple weeks so I'll probably pull out some Mill Hill kits for the car that weekend. I've only got a bin full of them waiting to be stitched so not too many to choose from! With the trip and school and soccer starting up again August is looking like a busy month already. Hope you all are having a good and stitchy Summer too.