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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Reader Questions Part 1

The first of my reader questions come from Karin:

1) What do you like best about living in Indiana?

The four seasons. I complain like crazy about snow in the winter and sometimes about the heat in the summer but I can't imagine missing Spring and Fall. I think I would even miss Summer and Winter if we moved somewhere with a vastly different climate. I really do love watching snow fall in the Winter (mostly from inside), the Spring flowers and robins, warm Summer evenings out on the patio, and the smell of leaves in the Fall.

2) Why did you decide to study pharmacy?

There are a lot of reasons I chose pharmacy. The short list:

-I wanted to help people. I saw my great grandparents struggle with medication costs and cut their doses in half to save money. I thought it was wrong and wanted to do something about it. Unfortunately they passed away before I graduated high school but there are always other people to help.
-I had a great Chemistry teacher in high school who encouraged me to aim high and taught me lots of lessons, not all of them about science.
-I had a great Physics teacher in high school who also encouraged me and helped me struggle through her advanced class. I learned a lot about persistence and patience while trying to understand that subject and I think it helped me a lot during college.
-And let's not forget the 2 Biology teachers, they were wonderful and helped me along my way as well.

3) What is your favorite stitched piece?

Oooh, good question and it's a hard one too. I think my favorite piece that I ever stitched would have to be Teresa Wentzler's Summer Faerie. It was my first TW and first big project. Unfortunately, I gave it away as a gift and no longer see the person I gave it too. We were high school friends and just grew apart, no hard feelings or anything like that. I really would like to stitch it again for myself someday only this time I won't use aida. As a side note, I found the BB's and wonderful online world of cross stitch shortly after I did this piece.

Well, that's it for this time. I've got some really good questions coming up but I'll save those for later. Please feel free to add your own questions either to the comment section here or at the original post.

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Karin said...

Thanks for answering, Sara - your answers were really interesting.