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Monday, March 12, 2007

Isn't it Saturday yet?

It's only Monday? Sigh...I'm so ready for vacation. Last week was quite busy and this week is promising to be as much if not more so. I've had a cold which slowed me down the past 4 days or so but seems to have magically disappeared this morning as if it knew that today is Monday and it can't ruin my precious little free weekend time anymore. Oh well, didn't have that much anyway since it was a work weekend and I spent the evenings at a family dinner one night and helping my friend with wedding flowers on the other.

This week is just going to be nuts between working overtime to help cover another pharmacist's vacation and getting ready for the wedding Saturday and getting ready to leave for vacation Saturday night. Thankfully the wedding flowers are almost done, I just have to glue in the flowers we added to the swag that will attach to the front of the arch and then do a few small pieces to go around the unity candle and memorial candle for the groom's mother. That should be done tomorrow morning and I promise some pics of all when we get back from vacation. If all goes well, that should leave me most of Thursday to run last minute errands, help Erich finish the laundry, and pack. Friday's booked with work and reception setup for the wedding and then we're out the door for a little over a week on Saturday!

I'm sad to say that I've got no stitching pics to show from the last week. There's been very little time for stitching with all the other stuff but I plan to stitch a lot during vacation as we're driving from northern Indiana to Atlanta, GA for a few days before we head back up to Bristol, TN for the Nascar events there March 23-25 then back home on the 26th. As long as I take a non-HAED project I should be fine, don't think I can handle 25ct 1 over 1 in a moving car! I'm fine with over 2, done it plenty of times before so I'm hoping to get in a good 20 hours while we drive. Erich doesn't mind, he says he doesn't know how I can stand to sit in the passenger's seat for so long but I prefer to ride along and watch the scenery as I stitch. I really don't mind the ride, we'll make a day of it and stop every few hours or whenever we a sign for something interesting. Saturday can't get here fast enough though:)


Hazel said...

Good that you can stitch in the car. I don't think I could. I'd end up with motion sickness or something lol!!

Sara said...

I'm really excited about the driving days of our vacation just for the stitching time:) It's really not too bad as long as we're on the highway and it's not too bumpy.

Last time we drove to North Carolina and back I almost finished Velcome, a cute Halloween piece. The pic is in my one of my stitching albums, either 2005 or 2006 finishes. I'm hoping for some good progress this time too!