Thursday, October 02, 2014

My big HD for the year

Meant to get back a little sooner but the last month has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least and apologies in advance but this is likely to be picture heavy. I'll make it all thumbnails though to speed up loading. Josh has been very busy with school and until recently we've been working to get ready for the biggest HD of the year. The original plan was to let me go until today and see if labor would start naturally. Then we decided on a scheduled c-section for 9/25 due to Baby B not being in a great position. Then the doctors decided to bump it to 9/20 so we found ourselves here 12 days ago...

Ben and Chris with Mom 9/20/14 photo 769663B5-953C-4B31-B01A-55B01865FDF3_zpshudlcqke.jpg

We welcomed Benjamin Robert into the family at 12:10pm, weighing 6 lbs 1 oz and measuring 19 inches.

Ben 9/22/14 photo CB3AAAF9-6A5F-41FA-AF38-EC65F42B4967_zpsqlkg1h36.jpg

Christopher Martin followed at 12:12pm, weighing about 5 lbs (small issue with his actual birth weight, the OR scale wasn't tared right so we're going off the weight from later in the day) and measuring 18 3/4 inches.

Chris 9/21/14 photo E7D9B908-5D56-4AB7-A47B-73BEF270F9DE_zpsa5ognueq.jpg

Both boys did great for 36 week babies. Neither ended up in the NICU and both were able to go home with me after a 3 day stay. The only "problem" we've had so far is that as soon as Chris gains a little more weight we're going to have a tough time telling them apart. They really are identical outside a little weight difference and somehow Ben ended up with a bit more hair. Here they are together at the hospital...

Ben and Chris 9/22/14 photo ADFF6C84-E327-4EAD-B51C-60F13062AB80_zpsnba1mv9y.jpg

Big brother Josh has slowly been getting to know his new brothers. He has taken his time but is a great helper now and even held Ben for a few minutes the other night...

Josh And Ben 9/26/14 photo 862D13AB-1FC4-4FF4-988F-11CA7127E43A_zpsmynbn2gy.jpg

We are all slowly getting used to our new routines and being a family of 5. It has been pretty manageable so far but I don't know how I would do it without my awesome husband, this is definitely a team effort! Seeing their sweet faces makes it all worth it though, even the lack of stitching in the last two weeks:). Maybe I'll be able to get out a small project this weekend while they nap, that's my goal at least. At the very least I'm hoping to go blog hopping and leave some comments. I've been randomly reading in the few minutes here or there and admiring everyone's WIPs but I'd like to get around to letting you know I saw them.

Monday, August 25, 2014

August TUSAL

Thanks for all the kind words on the stitching and well wishes for all the boys too:). We made it through the first couple days of school without any problems and Josh seems to like it so far though I think his backpack weighed more than him on the first day! Here's a quick pic we snapped before we left on the first day...

First Day Of School 8/20/14 photo 7FBCBFDD-A469-482C-9BCF-0A1A77A01FB9_zpseddwqkub.jpg

It's also time again for TUSAL, that fun time of month to show off your ort jar...

TUSAL 8/25/14 photo 44FEE643-FFFA-4CA2-8F1C-F6A0EF75BA63_zpswubas20j.jpg

I realized while taking this that I've been stitching some really boring colors so far this year, almost all blues with various shades of brown and gray thrown in, so I made my next rotation choice a more colorful one and decided to go back to Chatelaine's Watergarden for a week or two to save my eyes from the over one of Space Traveler and bring a little color to my jar for next time. Here's where I'm leaving Space Traveler for now...

Space Traveler 8/25/14 photo E271DB34-8E00-43E0-B138-D4CC7F2DD45C_zps8k2zyz5x.jpg

I made it through the first full page so 2 pages down now with a bunch to go and yes, I did work on it while watching the Doctor Who season premiere the other night. Very happy to finally see Peter Capaldi in action!

That's about it for now. Not much baby news to report since last time, going to hit 33 weeks in a couple days and all seems to be well outside the normal complaints of getting uncomfortable and not sleeping a whole lot. I do have possibly our last ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow so excited to see the boys and how big they've gotten. Very excited to be so close to seeing them in person!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Late Turtle Trot and WIPocalypse

A little late but I do have some stitching to report for both the Turtle Trot and WIPocalypse SAL's. First up is Space Traveler which is on my list for both SAL's. I've got a before/after for you since it's been so long since the last time I picked it up...

Space Traveler 2/16/14 photo 69846F23-9263-483B-B46E-AD963CC7C21A_zpsfco3h0gn.jpg

Space Traveler 8/7/14 photo 38E03E0E-94DE-46D4-AA3A-63E38CB152C9_zpskrbeaky3.jpg

I'm very pleased with how this is turning out so far and am looking forward to continuing to work on it and get to some of the other parts I've seen stitched on other WIPs. I did take a short break from it to start a Halloween design from the special JCS Halloween issue. Sorry to say I didn't catch the designer but this is the beginning if the mummy on perforated paper...

JCS Mummy 8/13/14 photo 7469D1FB-5AE6-4CDC-A5B2-976E4F61A848_zps3fjclgbx.jpg

In answer to the WIPocalypse question of the month about oldest/newest WIPs I'd say the mummy is my newest with Space Traveler as my newest long term WIP. My oldest would have to be TW's Storyteller which I started sometime in the 1990's and just have never gotten back to. I'd love to finish and frame it someday as it is still one if my favorite TW designs.

Storyteller 1/1/12 photo 2995061550079669297GbKvAk_fs_zpsa8e4ed8b.jpg

In kid news we are less than a week away from the first day of school for Josh and he is very excited to be an almost kindergartener. He's got his backpack packed and uniform ready to go for Day 1.

Babies are still doing fine too, they hit 31 weeks today. I'm doing ok outside a little elevated blood pressure that's being monitored carefully. I got taken out of work on maternity leave this week too so it's starting to feel like we're getting close to their arrival. Hoping that means more time for stitching for a few weeks but so far it seems like all I've done is sleep and run errands! Oh and buy a car- we celebrated my first day off by trading in our Honda Civic for an Odyssey. Didn't exactly plan it that way but we happened upon a really good deal and we wanted to trade before I go back to work in January anyway so we couldn't pass it up. Just one less thing to do after the twins get here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A late TUSAL and a finish

Thanks for the well wishes, babies are still looking healthy though their mama is starting to tire out a bit. Welcome to third trimester I suppose but I did get knocked down to half my normal hours per week at work today so hopefully that will help. I'm not quite ready to leave work all together yet but I think the time is coming soon.

No decorating pics yet, we've hit a couple temporary snags- had to order our second crib for the little guys and some of the decals we wanted in Josh's room don't stick as well as I thought they would so we're looking at some alternate adhesives.

I can show you some stitching though. I actually have added to my ort jar so I can do a slightly late TUSAL check in...

TUSAL 7/2014 photo 3DDDDD39-AB07-465E-8E53-E5BF2CFE7BB1_zpsb0mxza88.jpg

All the tan/brown orts in the middle are from my recent finish of the last birth announcement I owe my family.

My Favorite Teddy #4 7/23/14 photo C2E8CA18-94AD-4964-97B3-CCF6F0C21670_zpsiage0zde.jpg

Finally finished and now I can stitch for me for awhile:). And I have- the dark orts on top are from Space Traveler which you can see the corner of in the ort pic. I will take a full pic as soon as I make some visible progress on it. For now I'm pretty happy to be stitching anything but brown.

That's about it for now. Going to try to get in a little stitching tonight before I start to fall asleep in my chair:)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some updates and a WIPocalypse

Since we finally have our internet troubles straightened out and I actually have some stitching I can show I thought it might be nice to update anyone still reading. < br>
Babies- I'm at a little over 27 weeks and we've got 2 big, healthy baby boys still on the inside so I'd say we're doing all right there. Been busy moving Josh into his new pirate room and cleaning up his old room to be the little boys' room when they get here in less than 3 months now. Getting so excited to meet them! Pics coming soon of the redecorating.

Stitching- It's hot outside and my feet are swelling plus this belly is getting heavy so I am spending a fair amount of time with my feet up and stitching in hand. And it's sort of close to the last WIPocalypse check in so we'll let this count for that too. I have a few things to show you today. First off my giveaway prize from the GYB party earlier this year finally made it to its new owner, Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm. I stitched Hands To Work by Little House Needleworks and finished it as a cube. I think it turned out well and was happily received.

 photo BDC5A5A8-037D-4040-9869-F55E667E727D_zpszcyfjtca.jpg

Since finishing that piece I have been working to finish the last of the birth announcements I promised and I'm almost there...

 photo CCC9EE2C-3907-416B-A668-38EA5ECFF06B_zps5g0q1orx.jpg

I'm a little farther along than that pic shows now but not too much. Still, I'm hoping to finish the piece by the end of the month and maybe get it framed by the time the receiving family is in town at the end of August. We'll see.

Work, baby stuff, and stitching is pretty much all I've got going at the moment. Hope to be back soon with some pics of the new rooms and maybe even a finish. Thanks for sticking with me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some framing and a bit of stitching too

Sorry to have been gone so long but most of the posts I didn't write would probably have read something like this- Still tired. Still trying not to vomit (morning/all day sickness was pretty vicious for awhile). Still didn't stitch anything.

Things are getting better now. The morning sickness has subsided and I've got some energy back along with the start of a good sized bump. Babies are doing great, right on target for size at just about 20 weeks along and starting kick up a storm in there. Oh, and we found out they are boys at the last ultrasound too so I'm officially a minority in this house:). Realized that I'm prone to swelling as the weather is warming up so am going to attempt to spend a good chunk of my summer in the AC and hopefully get some stitching done. I actually did get a few stitches in today...

 photo 7189FD69-FD9C-4676-BF57-0477743BD293_zpsdt9e43qe.jpg

That's the first few stitches on my last My Favorite Teddy birth announcement. I think I'm starting to get some stitching motivation back so hopefully more will follow soon. In other crafty related things, I got Josh's QS Pirate Dragon and the last birth announcement framed recently.

QS Pirate Dragon framed photo 46267DC1-7BE1-4077-93D5-4885CB5CCA0E_zpsz0hyplzk.jpg

My Favorite Teddy #3 framed photo 2AF102C0-06B9-4051-9327-6F0D106533AB_zpsalw5pw1r-1.jpg

Outside of baby stuff, there's not a bunch else going on here at the moment. We're getting ready to do some room switching so Josh can have his new room and we can start getting ready for his brothers. I'll try and get back a little sooner next time and bring more pics.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sorry for the long break again, I have started stitching but the current project is for my last giveaway winner so can't show pics quite yet. I did want to do a quick post to say hi and that I didn't forget you, just nothing to show you at the moment. I should have some new framing home fairly soon, took a couple pieces to the LNS last week so I'll get pics of those as soon as they are done.

Also, wanted to say thank you so much for all the well wishes. All is going very well on the baby front- I'm at 12 weeks now and the terrible nausea and fatigue of first trimester seem to be easing up quite a bit so that's great news to me. I'm told the fatigue at least is just a temporary reprieve especially with twins but I'll take advantage of the break while I've got it. I've been to a few appointments both with the regular OB and the specialist he referred me to since twins are considered high risk, nothing wrong just standard procedure. Got to see the little ones in another ultrasound, they appeared to be having a party judging by their acrobatics in there and were given a thumbs up for their growth and heart rates. Can't ask for more than that! Be back soon with some stitching pics, until then happy stitching and I'll be enjoying all your pics:)