Monday, February 16, 2015

Giveaway winner

A few hours late but we have a winner! Sorry about the delay, we had a family dinner with our parents and siblings last night and ended a little late to get this post in on time but my husband the random number generator says 13 is his favorite number today so Kathy H wins my mystery prize.  I will email her tonight after work and get her package out soon.  Thanks to everyone for visiting and playing!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIPocalypse and Turtle Trot- Better late than never!

Its February WIPocalypse and Turtle Trot  check in time and I'm only a few days late so you get two check ins for the price of one this month.  Since  I completely missed the first check in for both, I'll tell you now that my expectations for these SALs this year are pretty modest and I'm really just happy to be getting some stitching time.  I'm hoping to make some progress on a few WIPs and maybe stitch a few ornaments but not a lot of specific goals here. So far I'm doing pretty well as I've got two ornaments stitched for WIPocalypse (ok, one was technically finished in 2014 but barely as the last stitches were a few minutes before midnight on 12/31). Both are from the 2014 JCS ornament issue. The first is the SamSarah design and the second is from The Prairie Schooler.  This completes my 2014 ornies for the kids, snowmen for the twins and Santa picked out by Josh.  Hopefully they'll be on our 2015 tree!


And my progress on Fish City counts for both SALs...

And let's not forget the WIPocalypse question of the month-

How do you overcome the feeling that you're in a rut with a particular project?

Easy- put it down and do something else for awhile.  It might be a day or a year or more but unless its obligation stitching I put it down until it feels fresh and fun again. This is a hobby so to me it isn't worth it if I'm not enjoying it.  I spend plenty of time doing not so fun things like dishes and changing diapers so the precious little hobby time I get better be worth it and if that means putting down my stitching entirely for a week or two to read a book or get some extra gaming time then that's what happens.  It will always be there when I'm ready to thread my needle again.  

That's about it for now, don't forget to keep those comments to my GYB post coming to enter my giveaway by Feb 15 and I'm still slowly working my way through the GYB party posts so I may be visiting you soon.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Snow Day

Greetings from the middle of a snowstorm! Yup, we're smack in the middle of the snow that's getting dumped on the midwest right now.  I tried to get the dog to stay out long enough for a picture so you could see that it's halfway covering his legs already but he wasn't having it so you'll have to settle for an empty snowy backyard:)


It's early afternoon here and they've already called off school for tomorrow so that has made for a happy kindergartener here.  Wish they'd call off work but pharmacies don't close unless the power goes so I'm not wishing too hard!  I'll just enjoy the view from the warm house today and cuddle some babies while we get ready for the Super Bowl tonight. No one cares much for either team so we're watching for the commercials this year and focusing on some tasty snacks.  I might even get some stitching in if the little guys cooperate.  I've made some progress on Fish City since the last post...


I've been taking advantage of those long sleep stretches we've been getting at night and putting in a couple hours before bed here and there.  It's slow progress but better than no progress.

Before I go, thanks to all those who have visited from the Grow Your Blog party.  I really appreciate your visits and comments.  I'm slowly reading blogs and I plan to at least get around to everyone who visited and commented here but I'm hoping to visit quite a few more.  Don't forget to comment on my previous post by Feb 15 to enter a giveaway.  You don't have to be new and you don't have to be part of the GYB party, just leave me a comment and make sure I have a way to get in touch with you later.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow Your Blog 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to anyone finding me for the first time through the Grow Your Blog party. This is the third year I've participated and I can't wait to find some new blogs to add to my reading list.

For the newcomers- I'm Sara and I blog from northern Indiana where I live with my wonderful husband, the dog, a 6 year old ninja turtle...

and a pair of 4 month old super heroes (who needs bibs when you can have capes!).

This started out as a blog about my cross stitch hobby but it has grown to include a little of this and that as our family has grown. I'm sure you've noticed the lack of posting from last year and I'm working on correcting that. I spent most of last year being pregnant with identical twins and between the doctor appointments needed for a high risk pregnancy and work and being Mom to the 6 year old there wasn't much time or energy for stitching so blogging got neglected too since I didn't want to keep blogging that I had nothing to show off. January wasn't a great blogging month either as we lost Erich's grandfather and no one has had time or energy for the normal things but February is going to be the month for stitching- we've got cold and snowy weather perfect for stitching evenings, baby boys that are quite content to perfect their scooting and rolling skills on their blanket while they try to gum every toy they can reach, and best of all we have no plans.

So if you hang around here you can look forward to lots of pics both of kids and stitching with a few of the dog thrown in too. I stitch a variety of designers and subjects but I am in love with the BAP so you're also likely to see lots of progress but not lots of finishes. My current focus pieces are these two but there are several more in my pile as you can see on the sidebar...

That's Space Traveler from HAED and Fish City from Stoney Creek and I'm actually working on Fish City now.  I will get a new pic of it in a few days when I have a good chunk of progress to show.

Oh, and in honor of the party there will be a giveaway!  I'm not silly enough to think that the ninja turtle and super heroes of the house are going to give me enough free time to actually stitch a prize this year but I will be giving away a small prize package that will include a few stitching supplies and maybe a few edible goodies too.  Enter by commenting on this post and sometime on the evening of February 15 my personal random number generator will pick a number between 1 and however many comments there are and a winner will be chosen. 

Thanks for visiting! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One last 2014 post

Many, many thanks for all the good thoughts and congrats on our family. It's been a whirlwind of a few months since the little ones were born but we're finally settling into a more normal routine as I get ready to head back to work next week. I can't believe how fast the time has gone and I'd love to extend my time off a little more but someone has to buy diapers and formula.

Being the last day of the year I was thinking of all that's happened to us in 2014. Not much blogging or stitching but lots of good family stuff for sure as we've welcomed not one but two babies and Josh has done so much growing up too- he started the year as a preschooler and is finishing as a big brother in kindergarten and missing a tooth. Ben and Chris have done quite a bit in 3 months as well. They've gone from sleepy newborns to smiley, interactive babies. I won't do the year in pictures but I did bring a few to get you up to date since my last post...
 photo 116DDBB8-59A0-4AAD-85F7-F11D7C3D899F_zpsmq1wlqu2.jpg

 photo 9A06A8CF-1D7E-40F5-A841-11F72E7AFC09_zps1przy30b.jpg

 photo 2517E7BC-CB07-46EE-AF65-80789B1F4874_zpsnwt7yoax.jpg

 photo 6EF7B1AE-121F-4485-9B3D-0D19530F7AA5_zpskvxswabq.jpg

 photo 3A29499C-8C0A-4943-A7E6-3113E6C7F0BB_zpsr5rv8oqu.jpg

 photo FCEA5F15-FCFE-4C75-B60C-21D03002A7E1_zpsynsr2a5g.jpg

On the crafty side of things I didn't have many finishes but the little ones are starting to get close to sleeping through the night which is freeing up a little evening crafting time for me once again. I managed to finish 1 of 3 Christmas ornaments I planned for my boys and am hoping to finish the second tonight if everyone goes to bed on time. I chose the SamSarah snowmen from the JCS ornament preview and issue for the little ones and Josh chose a Santa ornament I haven't kitted yet so I don't have a pic of that but here are Snow Baby and First Star...

 photo 43D8B20D-E375-4130-AFDC-0640E1ECC052_zps7kp7oph3.jpg

 photo 1D4ABC99-12C2-4957-8C46-E0B810A2B030_zpsmzudbrro.jpg

Looking toward to 2015 I'm not going to make specific goals because I know we're in for another crazy year but I'm hoping to get back into a regular stitching and blogging habit as well as getting around to some blog reading. I've really missed seeing everyone's projects! I'm also hoping to get my new crafting space cleaned and organized since we kind of threw everything in the office when it came time to swap rooms to make room for the twins. I had hoped to organize it when I was off work before the babies came but I just didn't end up having the time or energy for it so I think I'm going to try to take one evening a week in 2015 and work on it until it's done.

That's it for now. I'm off to spend the last few hours of the year making some dinner and hopefully getting that last finish in. Hope everyone has a fun and safe celebration tonight and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

My big HD for the year

Meant to get back a little sooner but the last month has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least and apologies in advance but this is likely to be picture heavy. I'll make it all thumbnails though to speed up loading. Josh has been very busy with school and until recently we've been working to get ready for the biggest HD of the year. The original plan was to let me go until today and see if labor would start naturally. Then we decided on a scheduled c-section for 9/25 due to Baby B not being in a great position. Then the doctors decided to bump it to 9/20 so we found ourselves here 12 days ago...

Ben and Chris with Mom 9/20/14 photo 769663B5-953C-4B31-B01A-55B01865FDF3_zpshudlcqke.jpg

We welcomed Benjamin Robert into the family at 12:10pm, weighing 6 lbs 1 oz and measuring 19 inches.

Ben 9/22/14 photo CB3AAAF9-6A5F-41FA-AF38-EC65F42B4967_zpsqlkg1h36.jpg

Christopher Martin followed at 12:12pm, weighing about 5 lbs (small issue with his actual birth weight, the OR scale wasn't tared right so we're going off the weight from later in the day) and measuring 18 3/4 inches.

Chris 9/21/14 photo E7D9B908-5D56-4AB7-A47B-73BEF270F9DE_zpsa5ognueq.jpg

Both boys did great for 36 week babies. Neither ended up in the NICU and both were able to go home with me after a 3 day stay. The only "problem" we've had so far is that as soon as Chris gains a little more weight we're going to have a tough time telling them apart. They really are identical outside a little weight difference and somehow Ben ended up with a bit more hair. Here they are together at the hospital...

Ben and Chris 9/22/14 photo ADFF6C84-E327-4EAD-B51C-60F13062AB80_zpsnba1mv9y.jpg

Big brother Josh has slowly been getting to know his new brothers. He has taken his time but is a great helper now and even held Ben for a few minutes the other night...

Josh And Ben 9/26/14 photo 862D13AB-1FC4-4FF4-988F-11CA7127E43A_zpsmynbn2gy.jpg

We are all slowly getting used to our new routines and being a family of 5. It has been pretty manageable so far but I don't know how I would do it without my awesome husband, this is definitely a team effort! Seeing their sweet faces makes it all worth it though, even the lack of stitching in the last two weeks:). Maybe I'll be able to get out a small project this weekend while they nap, that's my goal at least. At the very least I'm hoping to go blog hopping and leave some comments. I've been randomly reading in the few minutes here or there and admiring everyone's WIPs but I'd like to get around to letting you know I saw them.

Monday, August 25, 2014

August TUSAL

Thanks for all the kind words on the stitching and well wishes for all the boys too:). We made it through the first couple days of school without any problems and Josh seems to like it so far though I think his backpack weighed more than him on the first day! Here's a quick pic we snapped before we left on the first day...

First Day Of School 8/20/14 photo 7FBCBFDD-A469-482C-9BCF-0A1A77A01FB9_zpseddwqkub.jpg

It's also time again for TUSAL, that fun time of month to show off your ort jar...

TUSAL 8/25/14 photo 44FEE643-FFFA-4CA2-8F1C-F6A0EF75BA63_zpswubas20j.jpg

I realized while taking this that I've been stitching some really boring colors so far this year, almost all blues with various shades of brown and gray thrown in, so I made my next rotation choice a more colorful one and decided to go back to Chatelaine's Watergarden for a week or two to save my eyes from the over one of Space Traveler and bring a little color to my jar for next time. Here's where I'm leaving Space Traveler for now...

Space Traveler 8/25/14 photo E271DB34-8E00-43E0-B138-D4CC7F2DD45C_zps8k2zyz5x.jpg

I made it through the first full page so 2 pages down now with a bunch to go and yes, I did work on it while watching the Doctor Who season premiere the other night. Very happy to finally see Peter Capaldi in action!

That's about it for now. Not much baby news to report since last time, going to hit 33 weeks in a couple days and all seems to be well outside the normal complaints of getting uncomfortable and not sleeping a whole lot. I do have possibly our last ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow so excited to see the boys and how big they've gotten. Very excited to be so close to seeing them in person!