Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some updates and a WIPocalypse

Since we finally have our internet troubles straightened out and I actually have some stitching I can show I thought it might be nice to update anyone still reading. < br>
Babies- I'm at a little over 27 weeks and we've got 2 big, healthy baby boys still on the inside so I'd say we're doing all right there. Been busy moving Josh into his new pirate room and cleaning up his old room to be the little boys' room when they get here in less than 3 months now. Getting so excited to meet them! Pics coming soon of the redecorating.

Stitching- It's hot outside and my feet are swelling plus this belly is getting heavy so I am spending a fair amount of time with my feet up and stitching in hand. And it's sort of close to the last WIPocalypse check in so we'll let this count for that too. I have a few things to show you today. First off my giveaway prize from the GYB party earlier this year finally made it to its new owner, Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm. I stitched Hands To Work by Little House Needleworks and finished it as a cube. I think it turned out well and was happily received.

 photo BDC5A5A8-037D-4040-9869-F55E667E727D_zpszcyfjtca.jpg

Since finishing that piece I have been working to finish the last of the birth announcements I promised and I'm almost there...

 photo CCC9EE2C-3907-416B-A668-38EA5ECFF06B_zps5g0q1orx.jpg

I'm a little farther along than that pic shows now but not too much. Still, I'm hoping to finish the piece by the end of the month and maybe get it framed by the time the receiving family is in town at the end of August. We'll see.

Work, baby stuff, and stitching is pretty much all I've got going at the moment. Hope to be back soon with some pics of the new rooms and maybe even a finish. Thanks for sticking with me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some framing and a bit of stitching too

Sorry to have been gone so long but most of the posts I didn't write would probably have read something like this- Still tired. Still trying not to vomit (morning/all day sickness was pretty vicious for awhile). Still didn't stitch anything.

Things are getting better now. The morning sickness has subsided and I've got some energy back along with the start of a good sized bump. Babies are doing great, right on target for size at just about 20 weeks along and starting kick up a storm in there. Oh, and we found out they are boys at the last ultrasound too so I'm officially a minority in this house:). Realized that I'm prone to swelling as the weather is warming up so am going to attempt to spend a good chunk of my summer in the AC and hopefully get some stitching done. I actually did get a few stitches in today...

 photo 7189FD69-FD9C-4676-BF57-0477743BD293_zpsdt9e43qe.jpg

That's the first few stitches on my last My Favorite Teddy birth announcement. I think I'm starting to get some stitching motivation back so hopefully more will follow soon. In other crafty related things, I got Josh's QS Pirate Dragon and the last birth announcement framed recently.

QS Pirate Dragon framed photo 46267DC1-7BE1-4077-93D5-4885CB5CCA0E_zpsz0hyplzk.jpg

My Favorite Teddy #3 framed photo 2AF102C0-06B9-4051-9327-6F0D106533AB_zpsalw5pw1r-1.jpg

Outside of baby stuff, there's not a bunch else going on here at the moment. We're getting ready to do some room switching so Josh can have his new room and we can start getting ready for his brothers. I'll try and get back a little sooner next time and bring more pics.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sorry for the long break again, I have started stitching but the current project is for my last giveaway winner so can't show pics quite yet. I did want to do a quick post to say hi and that I didn't forget you, just nothing to show you at the moment. I should have some new framing home fairly soon, took a couple pieces to the LNS last week so I'll get pics of those as soon as they are done.

Also, wanted to say thank you so much for all the well wishes. All is going very well on the baby front- I'm at 12 weeks now and the terrible nausea and fatigue of first trimester seem to be easing up quite a bit so that's great news to me. I'm told the fatigue at least is just a temporary reprieve especially with twins but I'll take advantage of the break while I've got it. I've been to a few appointments both with the regular OB and the specialist he referred me to since twins are considered high risk, nothing wrong just standard procedure. Got to see the little ones in another ultrasound, they appeared to be having a party judging by their acrobatics in there and were given a thumbs up for their growth and heart rates. Can't ask for more than that! Be back soon with some stitching pics, until then happy stitching and I'll be enjoying all your pics:)

Monday, March 10, 2014

So I've been putting off this post for awhile, mostly because I have zero stitching to share right now and no pictures is boring. All those good intentions from January as well as any stitching mojo I had have gone straight out the window and into the snow. Yes, the snow is still here and I'm hoping maybe we'll be rid of it by the May camping trip we're planning. Not optimistic about that at the moment but we'll see. Thanks again to all the new followers who have joined recently. Sorry there's been so little to see but I do actually have a really good excuse this time and it's not just work:). We've always wanted Josh to be a big brother and have been trying to make that happen one way or another for quite awhile. I haven't mentioned the adoption application in several months because things have not gone so well in that area for us. We have, however, had some unexpected exciting news in another area...

 photo E227FF3B-2395-4BDC-A87D-43AC4ACBF861_zpsn3sygefi.jpg

I'm sure we'll come up with something a little more traditional eventually but for now we're calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2 (thank you Josh and Dr Seuss) and they will be making their grand entrance sometime in the general vicinity of this September/October (because I am told twins kind of come when they want, much like singleton births I guess but with more wiggle room because it's two). Everyone joked about twins when we found out I was expecting but the real surprise came at the ultrasound when we first realized they were right and then realized they're going to be identical. I'm still not sure that part has quite sunk in yet and we've known for about a week now. Josh swears they're boys. Erich thinks they're girls. One of them will be right. I don't really care what they are as long as they're healthy. I am just relieved to know that all the lovely symptoms I've had are probably a little more intense than normal because it's two. Seriously, I was starting to think I was a wimp but I think I've finally got most of it kind of down to a routine for the moment except for the stitching. I just don't have any ambition or energy left when I get home at night right now and I miss my stitching. Maybe a trip to the LNS will help. The dear and wonderful husband did say he wasn't going to deny anything to a lady pregnant with twins! He may regret that later.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Turtle Trot/WIPocalypse/GYB Giveaway Update

Meant to get back for at least a post in between the awesome Grow Your Blog event and the end of my giveaway but life kind of got in the way but in a good way, a very good way indeed. I'm not quite ready to say yet (don't want to jinx anything) but give me a couple weeks. It's worth it, I promise.

Anyway, I've got some business to take care of today- SALs to report on, a giveaway to attend to. First off, you'd think I would have had plenty of time for all of this. Just look at my front yard...

 photo BCFA0CC9-ACF3-4EB4-9568-2643D4E6A320_zpsqn8jqnqw.jpg

That would be my son standing on top of the snow pile by the mailbox. We've not been out much lately, too much if the cold and winter weather around here. I'd say I'm ready for Spring but I fear we'll need an ark when this mess finally does decide to melt!

Speaking of Spring, my mystery Spring-themed giveaway tied to the GYB event does have a winner and it is Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm. Congrats! Email me at justanotherflamingo @ yahoo dot com and I'll get your info and start working on your prize. I have to say that though I haven't had nearly as much time to look through all the blogs as I'd like, I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's blog that I've made it to and am looking forward to continuing to explore and find new favorite places to stop. I also notice that my blog has grown as a result of the event and I am glad to have new followers and look forward to getting to know you too.

So onto the SALs I've been neglecting. Both Turtle Trot and WIPocalypse have come and gone and I am working on Space Traveler for both this year in an attempt to not keep it as a WIP for too many years. Unfortunately I've been a little lax in the stitching department lately. It's not so much a lack of time, more that other things have been taking up my time. Maybe this month will be better, we shall see. Until then here is my small amount of progress, at least it's a little more than a dark blue blue blob now...

Space Traveler 2/16/14 photo 69846F23-9263-483B-B46E-AD963CC7C21A_zpsfco3h0gn.jpg

Apologies for the bad thumbnail, Photobucket apparently didn't like this one though the full size image is totally normal. And in answer to the WIPocalypse question of the month, which asked about my rotation and just how many WIPs I keep, I don't actually have a set answer for either. Unless I have an obligation piece I kind of stitch what I want when I want and as far as number I like them to all fit in the stitching basket under the little table by my stitching chair but don't really have a max number. Unfortunately I've got a bit of overflow going at the moment but I'm hoping to get some time to work on that this year. If not, no big deal. It's not like these projects have an expiration date or anything, they'll keep:)

Not much else going on that I can talk about at the moment but hopefully all will quiet to a reasonable level and I won't miss SALs again next round.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog Party 2014

2 Bags Full

So this is my post for the 2014 Grow Your Blog party hosted by Vicki (click above to see her blog and explanation). If you haven't heard of this the short explanation is that it's a fun way to discover and connect with awesome blogs that you might have otherwise missed.

First off, welcome if you're visiting me for the first time. I hope you like what you see and come visit again. I'm Sara and I'm a 34 year old cross stitcher from northern Indiana in the United States. I live there with my husband... < br>
 photo null_zps3c38b668.jpg

Our son...

 photo null_zps18f7d858.jpg

And last, but certainly not least, the dog...

 photo d80b79cf-8007-44df-9332-c0fdbec3c452_zpse576665a.jpg

I began stitching as a young child, taught by my grandmother, and have been doing it pretty much ever since. My projects tend toward the BAP side of the spectrum rather than the smalls so there aren't always a lot of finishes around here but there's usually a fair amount of stitching going on, at least as much as there can be with an active five year old in the house. Lately I have actually started collecting some smaller projects, mainly the Little House Needlework Little Sheep Virtues and I've been doing an awful lot of drooling over most of the offerings from Country Cottage Needlework. I'm particularly loving those pink, light blue and light green winter pieces of theirs as well as the new Frosty Forest pieces. They may be falling into my basket soon:). Other than that my tastes run to Teresa Wentzler, Ink Circles, Chatelaine, HAED, Mirabilia, and bunches of random designs that catch my eye. I'm a sucker for holiday designs, especially Halloween and Christmas. I'm not the best finisher but I'm slowly working in improving my skills there.

Outside of stitching I enjoy reading, cooking, and traveling. I'm pretty excited that Josh is old enough now to go camping too, something the DH and I enjoyed before kids and are getting the chance to introduce Josh to now.

I can't think of anything else terribly exciting to tell you about myself right now except that I will be doing a giveaway. I'm terrible at planning these things so it will be somewhat of a mystery but the plan is to stitch and finish a nice Spring small and throw in some other goodies too. To enter please leave a comment at the end of this post and I'll draw a winner on February 15. No guarantees that the prize will be ready to ship that day but at least the winner will know that there will eventually be a package in the mail. It is not required to become a follower to enter (though you're more than welcome to add yourself anyway) but I will need an email/blog address/some way to contact you either in the body of your comment or on your profile.

One last unrelated thing- I know I totally blew the follow up IHSW post this month. I was all set to show off a finished birth announcement when a few frogs hit and irritated me to the point that the piece is having a little time out right now. I'll take a picture when I'm sure the frogs have gone and I finish the last line of personalization.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January WIPocalypse and a pre-IHSW pic

First of all, welcome to the new followers since I've acquired several of you lately. I'm glad you found me and I look forward to exploring your blogs as well. I'm especially excited to see that some of you are located in Poland as my family has quite a bit of Polish heritage (all of my great great grandparents on my mother's side were born there). I love how the internet can bring the stitching community so close together even though we live so far apart.

Since I'm running a bit behind as usual I'm going for a WIPocalypse/pre-IHSW combo post today. It's been busy and snowy here, winter is definitely in full swing with no Spring in sight. I don't mind much except when I have to be out driving in it and I've been out more than in lately. Oh well, I'll thaw eventually!

The WIPocalypse topic of the month was an intro and goal listing for the year. I pretty much covered goals under the WIPocalypse tab at the top of the blog and in a previous post so I won't repeat that but if you don't already know me I'm Sara and I'm a stitcher. I live in northern Indiana in the United States and I'm married to a great guy named Erich. We have an awesome 5 year old son and an American Bulldog. I pay the bills as a retail pharmacist by day (sometimes evening too). When I'm not stitching I love to read, cook, and travel with family. Since the little guy is old enough we've recently gotten back into camping too though that hopefully will be off the table again soon as we hope Josh will not be an only child but what is meant to be will be.

On to the stitching- first up is my new start since last check-in, the blob that will someday in the distant future be HAED's Space Traveler...

Space Traveler 1/7/14 photo 5AE64BBE-CC34-4183-AF4B-B3A195BACCBF_zpsibnvvrrx.jpg

Not much to look at now but I'm working my way toward some nice swirls so I should at least have some color changes coming up. I plan to focus on this one as soon as the birth announcements are done. Speaking of which...

 photo 0F9B3DF8-3C29-432C-A9F3-CB2DCDCEE87A_zps0pvptm7f.jpg

Here's my progress as of Friday morning and my pre-IHSW pic. I can tell you there will be progress to show come Monday at the very least because I stayed up way too late last night stitching and watching tv. Hopefully I'll have more to show than the half of a baby head I got done last night though. We shall see.

Going to leave it at that for now since this is a quick post from the car on my phone (the hubby is driving, not me:) ). If you're unfamiliar with the two SALs I've mentioned please feel free to click on the links in my sidebar, normally I'd link in the post but it's a little tricky on the phone. As I said I've been spending a lot of time traveling lately and hope to be able to fill you in on the why soon. Happy stitching!