WIPocalypse 2012

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September WIPocalypse

Oops, got busy with end of Summer/start of school and missed August so you get a double dose of stitching this month.

For August I actually had a new start I used to join in some of the online stitching competitions taking place around the time of the Rio Olympics. I made a good start on an eventual gift for my younger brother, HAED's charted version of Coppervein by Ruth Thompson. I got about 3,300 stitches in, not a bad start but still a long way to go!

I spent the rest of my stitchy time working on all things Christmas. I made some good progress on the Brittercups-

Mostly finished my trio of Gingerbread boys (just need to be personalized)-

And started working through Prairie Schooler's Cranberry Christmas. I'm tempted to restitch some of these in a dark blue/white/green colorway but not sure I'll get around to that this year. 

That's all for my stitching progress so on to Measi's question of the month. 

Tell us a story about the journey you took through one of your completed pieces.

I'm going to go with Noah's Sub by Stoney Creek. This one has a story even before I started it. I saw 
it somewhere on one of the online stitching groups in the early 2000's and knew it was a piece I 
wanted to stitch for my eventual child's room. I was in college at the time and already engaged to my husband so kids were coming but not soon. I was pretty disappointed to find it was out of print and going for way more than my budget would allow on eBay. I tried to bid a few times but could never quite win. Christmas rolled around and I was surprised to find the leaflet in a Christmas package from my husband's aunt. Somehow she had managed to be in the right place at the right time and had gotten it for me. Erich bought the DMC as a birthday gift and I was ready to stitch. 

That WIP followed me around for the next few years. It was there when I went to Indy on an overnight trip for a second interview that ended in my first real job as a pharmacist. It was there at our first apartment. It went on vacation several times. I remember working on the half stitches of the colorful sky during my mother in law's cancer surgery (she's fine now). I worked on it on and off through the first few years of trying to start a family when we weren't sure we ever would. It was entered in The Wagon's first Stitching Olympics and won a gold medal. I worked furiously to finish and frame it when I thought we were getting close to finalizing our first adoption. I closed it up in the child's bedroom I couldn't enter for weeks after that adoption fell through at the last minute. It hung as a centerpiece in Josh's room when he arrived and I remember holding him up to it and pointing out all the different colorful animals and it still hangs in the room though the twins occupy it now. I'm hoping one of the three boys will want it back someday for their own kids. 

That's about it for stitchy things but before I go just wanted to share a recent pic of the twins. They turned 2 yesterday and have grown into such big boys! They were pretty wiggly but they almost sat still with me and their new Paw Patrol buddies:) They're getting so close to letting me stitch while they're awake. More stitching time is coming soon!

Can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

July WIPocalypse

Almost on time for once, how in the world did that happen? So last post I left with plans to stitch Christmas in July. I've done pretty well so far. Finished another of the Frosty Forest pieces from Country Cottage Needleworks, Snowman's Cottage this time...

Made a start on some Brittercup designs from old JCS ornament issues. I'll dig out the details when I'm done. Apologies for the sideways pic, Photobucket claims to have turned it around several times but it just won't stick!

And finally I stitched 1 of 3 gingerbread men for the boys' Christmas ornaments. I'm adapting Little House Needlework's Gingerbread Cookie to be a name ornament this year, just have to settle on the charting of the names and the color to use. The fabric is a little washed out in the photo, couldn't get the light just right but I promise the border really doesn't blend into the fabric in person.

So I've been thinking about my stitching plans for the rest of the year and I think I've got a plan. I'm going to use the rest of the month to finish off as many Christmas ornaments as possible and the first couple days of August until the Olympic challenges start. I'm going to go for a distance challenge and work on a HAED for the month, just not sure which one yet. I've got options and they all want attention. My priorities for the rest of the year are to finish Christmas stitching and stitch one more birth announcement and then I can go back to whatever I want for the rest of the year, probably HAEDs.

So that covers my WIPocalypse check-in and then some. Been meaning to share a couple stash additions so I'll tack those on to the end here. First of all I was the lucky winner of a Facebook contest from the awesome ladies over at Weeks Dye Works. I never win these things and was so excited to see my name posted:) Can't wait to find the perfect project to finish off with that wool!

As a Mother's Day present I joined one of the subscriptions over at Stitchybox for an every other month box of semi-mystery stitchy stuff sent to my house which is kind of nice because the LNS is about 45 minutes away so I don't get out there as often as I'd like. Here's what the first box I received contained-

They seem to base the box contents on a colored theme, this one being the picture and color guide in the upper right corner. Looking forward to trying a couple new brands of stitchy things and finding just the right projects for these things. 

That's about it for now, off to stitch until bedtime. Can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to this month! 

Sunday, July 03, 2016

June WIPocalypse

Long time, no post! Sorry about that, the end of the school year and vacation got the better of me for a bit there. So what's been going on? Well, Josh finished up first grade and is a happy kiddo on summer break until mid-August. Soccer is over now too and we're beginning to consider a fall league at the suggestion of some of the coaches. The twins are looking and sounding much more like toddlers than babies as we approach the terrible twos. And we went on vacation:) We spent a fun week with my parents in beautiful Mackinaw City, MI and introduced the kiddos to the best fudge I've ever had. Josh can't wait to go back on a camping trip up there and neither can I!

I completely missed the May WIPocalypse check in so I've got extra stitching to report. I'm coming close to another page finish on Space Traveler...

Also picked up another HAED, Dragon Moon, and have stitched a skein (yes, a whole skein!) of 939 into the sky as I reach for the top of the first column. 

I took my Sugar Skull along for the car ride and made good progress on the black background, I also managed to bobbin all the floss for my next HAED start (graduation gift for my brother) and found some new magnets I'm going to use as needle minders.

Measi asks a fun question this month- 

Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

That's actually a hard one, kind of depends on the weather we're having so it's not really the same every year. The more extreme it gets outside, the more likely I am to hide inside and stitch. 

Sounds like there is at least one Olympic challenge in the works so I've been considering my stitching plans for the next couple months. I think I'm going to take July and make it "Christmas in July" so I can get a start on ornaments and gifts and probably go back to a HAED in August. We'll see how far I get! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April WIPocalypse

Two posts in a month and this one is only a few days late, look out world! So first up is Measi's WIPocalypse check-in. I finished a short page on Space Traveler and am slowly climbing up the second page in this column. Confetti isn't too bad yet but it's coming! Sorry it's sideways, Photobucket decided to turn it and crashes every time I rotate it.

I also started a Mill Hill kit while on a short vacation with the family over Josh's Spring Break. We spent a couple days in Indy and did some fun things like the Children's Museum and zoo, even got to visit with some college friends. I got a few colors in on Sugar Skull but there's a long way (and a ton of beads) to go before Halloween. 

I'll have to pack this one for our summer trip too if I don't decide to finish it first! 

And then there's the question of the month- What do you listen to while stitching?

It's a mix of TV and podcasts for me. Right now when Erich is downstairs with me we're rewatching Game of Thrones but I've been doing podcasts when I'm by myself and there are so many good ones! I listen to a wide range- several of the How Stuff Works shows, The Moth, Ask Me Another, Sawbones, Welcome to Nightvale, and The Sporkful to name a few. 

Outside of stitching we've been up to some Spring cleaning and getting ready for the end of the school year. And soccer is back too! Josh had his first game this weekend. He's moved into a new age division that follows more of the actual game rules so there are a few things different but all the kids played a great game. I even got a good pic or two...

He looks so grown up all of the sudden! Good to see him doing something he loves so much.

Can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to this month and I think I'll actually make TUSAL since I've got my orts back together.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Some updates and a late WIPocalypse

So I skipped out on TUSAL again but only because the twins found my ort cup and emptied it all over the rug so it looked pretty sad and not very post worthy. I meant to get back for an on time WIPocalypse but I was so close to a page finish on Space Traveler I wanted to finish then post and of course everything else in the world got in the way of stitching for awhile including a little Spring Break trip but we're home now and here I am.

Stitching first! I finally made it to the end of the first column on Space Traveler! It only took about forever to get through the confetti but I made it. I'm so happy with it I've kept on going and am about halfway through the short page at the bottom of the next column but that was after I took the picture so it'll have to wait for next time.

I also managed to finish the stitching on Jack-Arachnid and the Santa ornaments for the boys.

I would love to get the finishing done for next time but we'll see how thing go on that. I'm hoping for at least a short page finish on Space Traveler and maybe a finish on the Mill Hill kit I started last week on our trip.

We took the kids to Indy for a few days last week while Josh was on Spring Break and hit the zoo and Children's Museum and got to spend some time with friends too.  The weather was perfect for seeing active animals...

Josh even got to see the coolest Darth Vader car ever at the museum.

And just to prove my kids do occasionally all face forward, this one's from Easter. The twins are only unhappy because their terrible mother is making them sit still instead of running around like the wild boys hopped upon Peeps and chocolate that they were.

So that's about it for now. Josh is back in school and soccer starts tonight so I'm sure we'll be running from now until the end of school. Hoping for a few rainy stitchy days!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

February WIPocalypse

I meant to make it back in time for TUSAL but sadly missed this month.  Too much going on between work and school and Winter finally arriving. There are signs of Spring though- Spring Break is coming in about a month along with a short family trip in the works and Josh had soccer evals yesterday so we should be getting team info and practice schedule shortly. Can't wait to see him play again! We actually had a touch of warm weather before the snow last week and all the boys made it outside.

Thanks for the compliments on Snowy Friends from the last post. Mom did love it and is looking forward to more as she has a long and currently empty ledge along one wall of her family room. I'm trying to make her some non-holiday themed pieces she can display in between decorating for the holidays so this series should cover Winter nicely eventually.

I am in time for a slightly late WIPocalypse update. I did have a page finish on Dragon Master this month and now it looks like this...

So now I'm at a little over 3 pages finished out of 77. I've put it down for the moment to work on a few smalls but I'm debating whether to keep on stitching up or to start a second column and continue on stitching 2 pages wide. I guess it depends on my mood when I get back around to it and if I feel like stitching shades of yellow or grey. 

The smalls I'm working on are the  2015 Christmas ornaments for the kids and a Halloween ornament  I started and abandoned a while back.  I really want the ornaments done but I'm finding I need to alternate them with something else as I'm doing the backstitch as the needle is difficult to push through the plastic canvas with the cross stitches already in place and I'm getting some sore fingers but the end is in sight for all the smalls.

That's about it for now both crafty and otherwise. Can't wait to see what everyone else worked on this month!

Friday, January 29, 2016

January WIPocalypse

Time to talk about 2016 goals as we start the new WIPocalypse year! Can't believe we're almost a month into 2016 already but here we are at the end of January and I've been thinking about the crafty things I want to accomplish vs what I really think I can accomplish and have updated my WIPocalypse page to reflect what I think is achievable. Mostly my plans are to work on the WIP pile and stitch and finish a few ornaments and maybe a small for my Mom out of the Country Cottage Needlework Frosty Forest series. I would not rule out a new start or two, this is a hobby and is supposed to be fun, but I'm going to try to keep the new starts to a minimum and try for more finishes.

And to that end I actually have a finish since last check in- this is Snowy Friends from the Frosty Forest series I mentioned above, finished just in time for my Mom's birthday.

As for the WIPs I'd like to work on in 2016 the two big ones are HAEDs, Dragon Master which I've worked on since last time so there's a before/after pic and Space Traveler.

So that's about it on the stitching end for now. If you aren't familiar with Measi's WIPocalypse SAL please do click and check it out.  The participants have done some amazing work in the past and I'm looking forward to seeing more this time around. Wanted to leave you with a few non-stitchy pics but I guess Photobucket has decided to stop cooperating so maybe next time.