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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Life and stitchy update

I was hoping for a better week this week. I haven't been impressed so far. My work has been a pain. Erich went into work on Tuesday (they basically told him last week that he really didn't have a permanent position there anymore because of company financial issues but could work until he found a new job) and they told him that he was officially done. Thanks jerks! Apparently several other people were let go at the same time so it wasn't just him. But still, their timing stinks.

On the other hand, my house is getting a major cleaning and Erich's offered to do some of the errands and adoption running while he's out looking for a new job so life's not all bad:) Fortunately we will still have the funds to complete the adoption, things are just going to run a bit tighter than originally planned. I think our movie collection is going to get a pretty thorough viewing and I'm going to have some extra time to stay at home and stitch rather than shop or go out while we work this out but again, it could be much worse.

Speaking of which, I've been meaning to get some stitching pics up but the computer hasn't been too cooperative. I finally won though so here we go:)

First off let's look at Santa's Magic. Here he is before my Christmas in July SAL-

Santa's Magic 12/1/07

And after-


I'm really pleased with my progress during July, especially considering the last week and a half or so offered almost no stitching time. He's going to be hard to put away because I'd really love to see him framed in time for Christmas but there are other things to finish too and he's going to have to come second right now. Who knows, maybe he'll make it.

For my August project I'm planning to work on Noah's Sub. That is my must-finish-as-soon-as-possible project because I'd really like to see it up either in the baby's room or the baby's bathroom, haven't decided which yet. If we get a girl it might be too much to resist doing a girly pink room in which case the bathroom will get Noah and his sub which could be pretty cute too. Anyway, it needs to be finished soon. The Wagon BB is doing a Stitching Olympics this month so I've entered him in the Long Jump event for big projects. We'll see how far I get. Here's a before pic-

Noah's Sub 7/31/08

I've only gotten in a couple hours of stitching this month so far but I'm planning on a stitching night Friday so that should give me some good progress to show.


Erica said...

Noah's Sub and Santa's Magic both look amazing. I admire your courage - I'd never have the fortitude to stitch Noah's Sub. :-)

Hope Erich finds work soon!

BTW, you have been nominated for the Brillante Weblog Award:) Please see my blog! (my apologies if it's a repeat for you!)

Karin said...

Fantastic progress! Congrats.