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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Job Happy Dance!

Thanks for all the good thoughts, they worked!!

As soon as his drug test comes back, Erich will be employed at the big chain store next door to me doing tire and lube work at first but with plenty of opportunity to move up. Even better, they just had someone do an adoption over there recently so they were very understanding to our situation and are offering flexible hours as he needs them. Funny how things work out, Erich applied to the same company a year and a half ago and they had no open spots but when he went in this time they had a spot and had been looking for awhile for the right person to fill it. We're very excited he found something so fast, that will make financing the adoption a lot easier.

Speaking of, we're still wading through paperwork to get the dossier done. We're mostly waiting for documents we've requested to be returned to us or for it to be the right time to sign certain documents. Some of them can only be signed and dated after the home study is completed. We're halfway there on the home study, one more appointment and it's all in the hands of the agency. The other big thing we need is approval and fingerprints from Citizenship and Immigration. Our form is in but probably won't be processed until the home study is complete and sent to them. About the only thing we can do now is do our parent training DVD's which we plan on doing soon and then we're stuck until other people get stuff done. I will be so glad when the dossier is safely in Russia.

I've been stitching away on Noah's Sub and have made lots of progress there. I'll have to get a new pic up soon. I've also got an award to show off as soon as I get some computer time at home:)

I'll try and blog a little more often. There hasn't been much free computer time for anything but adoption stuff lately but hopefully we're getting close to the end of that for awhile.


Karin said...

Congrats to your DH on the job!

Hazel said...

Congrats on Erich's job! xx

Jo said...

Great news on the job front, and I'm pleased the paper work is getting sorted. I'd like to add another award to the one you've just recieved (but not yet posted about) - pop over to my blog to pick it up.