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Saturday, August 02, 2008


Some of them didn't turn out so great, esp the one and only pic Erich and I took together but maybe I can play with it and make it better on our photo program. We'll see when I get time for that. I was kind of hoping it would turn out better so we could use it for one of the adoption photos we need to submit but I think I closed my eyes even if I could fix the lighting, oh well.

So here's our new tent. We bought it a couple years ago and this is the first time we've actually used it. I was pretty happy with it. There's definitely some extra room to bring the doggie if we want to next time.

Our Tent

This is my cousin's little one, Gabe, and his mommy Crystal. They spent the weekend with us and we had a good time. Gabe was making his "uh oh" face for me:)

Gabe and Crystal

This is the lake in the park we were staying at. It's all pretty from the walking trails but the beach is not my favorite. The water is really murky and you can't see your feet when you get past about ankle deep. I just can't do it!

Lake Wooster

This was our last campfire. That's Dad, Erich, Mom and my brother if you can see them all. The camper is Mom and Dad's and our tent's behind it.


We had a really good time, so much so that we've already made reservations to go back in October. That's my favorite time to go. The weather's good- warm during the day and cold enough at night that the fire feels good. The leaves will be gorgeous. The bugs don't usually bother us. And it'll be time for all day chili. There's no better chili than the stuff that's been cooking over the campfire all day long.

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Hazel said...

Oooh camping! Great! We have a big 4man tent but baby is too small to take at the moment. I am trying to persuade dh to get a two man just for us and drop kids off at grandmas so we can go alone. xx