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Monday, December 04, 2006

Catching up on SBQ's

Happy Monday everyone! Not too much stitching progress to report. I got a few stitches in both Saturday and Sunday night. The center design of English Garden welcome is starting to take shape but slowly.

I did do a little shopping this weekend. I caved and bought 2 charts from HAED's Christmas sale, which is still on for a few more days btw. For the wonderers, I got Josephine Wall's QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble and Jessica Galbreth's QS Dragonfly. I'd like to try a full size but after completing at least one of the quick stitches. I want to see how the detail of the designs is affected by converting it to cross stitch. For now, I think a Josephine Wall would be my first choice for a full sized design. I love the detail in her designs and the way you see more each time you look at one.

I'm definitely climbing back on The Wagon, but maybe after buying a few threads to start the Josephine Wall QS with. I'd really like to start it at New Year's. I've heard of a lot of other stitchers starting new projects with the new year and I think it's a neat idea.

Time to catch up on a few SBQ's-

November 16: Do you stitch Christmas ornaments? If so, how many do you stitch each year and for whom? If not, why not?

Absolutely! I love Christmas ornaments and have collected the JCS Ornament issue and various other ornament charts for several years. I don't really have a set number that I stitch each year but I try to give the ones that I do stitch to people that I think will appreciate them. In the past I have given them to my co-workers, friend, my family, and some of my in-laws. I think most of them were well-received which is my basis for deciding whether or not to give a stitched gift to someone. This year I'm trying something new- I'm participating in a BB ornament exchange and hopefully that will go well though I think my finishing techniques aren't near as good as some of the other participants. Hopefully the recipients of my ornies will enjoy them though.

November 29: How do you secure your thread when you begin a new one? Specifically, do you or have you ever used a waste knot?

I like to use a loop start whenever possible but that just doesn't seem to be happening lately as my current project is a TW with a lot of blended threads. If a loop start is not possible, I like to secure the tail of the new thread under the first few stitches with the new thread.

I very seldom use knots to secure thread in any of my work. The only exception I can think of is that I've used knots on some stamped cross stitch bibs, blankets and other similar items I've stitched that I know will get heavy use and the back will be exposed.

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Karin said...

Just think of the extra stash as a Christmas present to yourself, and you should be alright ;-)