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Friday, December 01, 2006

December Goals

Where did November go? It went so fast, I can't believe it's December already. There's so much to do before Christmas but I'm really looking forward to getting the house all decorated and opening it up to our friends and family on Christmas Day. Christmas is a big deal to me this year, more important than usual, because my husband and I are hosting the Christmas Day family gathering. It's always been at my mother's or grandmother's house before but this year it's our turn. On top of that it's our first Christmas in our house so it's been fun picking out new lights and decorations for outside and inside.

Big surprise, the weatherman got it wrong again. They said we were supposed to have a couple inches of snow on the ground by this morning but all we've gotten is rain up until late this afternoon. Then it started to snow but it's still not sticking. I was kind of hoping for a bit of snow too, makes it feel a little more Christmasy. Oh well, it'll happen soon enough.

It's time to set some goals for December. I've been setting weekly goals for myself but sometimes things get a little crazy at work or home and I don't always get the time to finish what I want. We'll see how it goes with some monthly goals this time.

-Finish English Garden Welcome
-Kit up something to start on New Year's Eve/Day (depending on if I finish EGW or not)

-Get master bedroom and family room painted (easy because I hired someone!)
-Move furniture into master bedroom and family room after painting
-Remove all boxes from living room before Christmas Day (some need to be unpacked, some just moved)
-Lose 5 lbs. I know it's the holiday season but I've been doing really well and have been exercising almost religiously. It might actually happen.

Of course there are also the cooking, cleaning, and decorating goals for Christmas but those are not optional, they must happen because we're having company on Christmas Day.

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