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Friday, December 15, 2006

2007 starts

As 2007 draws near, I'm starting to think about my stitching plans for the new year. Someone recently asked about planned starts for 2007 on a stitching BB and it got me thinking about my own plans. I know I'd like to participate in The Wagon Challenge for 2007 so that really rules out new charts for me. Not that it's a problem-I probably have enough charts to keep me busy til I'm too old and blind to stitch anymore. It's more a question of which ones to kit up and stitch first:)

There are some pieces that are calling more loudly than others and of course I may change my mind next time I go through my stash but these are my current probable starts for the new year...

~HAED's Pegasus and Castle Bubble QS by Josephine Wall
~HAED's Dragonfly QS by Jessica Galbredth
~Mirabilia's Santa's Magic
~The Cross Eyed Cricket's Skeleton Crew

I have most of the supplies to at least start most of these. I'm missing some DMC (both HAEDs), a bit of Kreinik (Santa's Magic), and a piece of fabric (Skeleton Crew). I think I can drop enough hints to Erich to acquire most of that as gifts for various holidays next year. Who knows, I may even get enough gift cards at Christmas to cover those items.

Not much else to report. Holiday preparations are keeping me pretty busy and I haven't had much time for stitching or blogging though I have got some visible progress to show next time I get a spare minute to scan English Garden Welcome. On the other hand, my tree is up and decorated, presents are almost all bought, my Christmas cards are out, and I have 3 batches of cookies done. Not too bad for December 15, at least not for me.

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