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Sunday, November 19, 2006

3 more days til Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving is coming, though you wouldn't know it by looking around the store I work in. Looks a lot more like Christmas in there. That's one of the sad things about working retail-they jump straight from Halloween to Christmas and forget all about Thanksgiving. We've had our Christmas decorations up for a couple weeks now and we've already had our Holiday (Christmas-themed) Open House. It just doesn't feel right.

I'm still excited about Thanksgiving though, even if work isn't. I've always liked it because of the large family gatherings it brings. We don't all get to see each other that much during the rest of the year because of our jobs , where we all live, and many other reasons but everyone comes home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving will be a hectic day (3 separate family gatherings) but it's fun and will be worth the effort to visit and catch up with everyone.

Erich and I almost have it down to a science now:

-Finish cooking/prep my contributions to travel to each gathering in the morning.
-Big Turkey dinner with my parents and Dad's family around noon-1pm.
-Snack on leftovers and dessert with Mom's family around 3pm at Grandma's house. Play Trivial Pursuit with my cousins.
-Dessert and maybe a bit of turkey if we can manage to eat more with Erich's family around 5 or 6.
-Crash at home around 10.

It's still a bit early but Happy Thanksgiving to all and hope everyone getting ready to celebrate has a wonderful time with family and friends.

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