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Friday, November 24, 2006

Let the Christmas Season begin!

Well, Thanksgiving wasn't quite as hectic as we thought it would be this year. We ended up only going to 2 out of the 3 family events and didn't feel rushed at all. And we brought home some yummy leftovers that will make nice sides to the turkey breast I'm planning to bake just for us this weekend. I enjoyed Thanksgiving for the wonderful holiday that it is, but now it's time for Christmas!

And shopping too:) Went to Target and Michaels this morning with the crazies. I wasn't going to do it but there were a few items I really wanted to get as Christmas gifts for various people and the prices were worth it. It wasn't really all that bad, I was done in an hour and a half and that's only because I browsed some of the non-sale areas at Target looking for non-Christmas gift items. I guess you could say I bought myself a few gifts though-a fuzzy, new robe, Memoirs of a Geisha on DVD for $3 and change, and new scale. Got some new needles and more cardboard bobbins at Michaels, both of which I was needing and I think those count as tools and not a lean on The Wagon.

I should have a stitching update for you at the end of the weekend. I've been backstitching away on English Garden Welcome and am done with the border and almost done with the "Welcome." I should be ready to attack the middle portion by the end of tonight if I don't fall asleep in my chair first! I've got the whole weekend off work with my only plans to put up some Christmas decorations and lights so I should have lots of stitching time and a good bit of progress to show you by Monday. Til then, happy shopping and decorating!

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