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Thursday, November 16, 2006

J is for...

1. Jokes- My husband tells lots and it's one of the reasons I love him even though some of them come out at the wrong time.
2. Johnny- Depp, that is. Captain Jack Sparrow is my current favorite role to watch him in.
3. Junior Mints- Best eaten while watching Johnny Depp on the big screen.
4. Jimmy Buffett- Good for helping me think tropical thoughts and forget the blah Northern Indiana fall/winter happening outside my window.
5. Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue-One of the highlights of Christmas stitching for me.
6. January- It's coming soon and along with it my birthday:)
7. Jelly Bellies-Another favorite snack, esp the buttered popcorn and peach flavored though not in the same mouthful!
8. Junk-We discovered a lot of it when we moved recently and I fear we'll get a lot more this Christmas.
9. Januvia-The last new drug we got at the pharmacy. It doesn't really have a special meaning, I just like saying the name.
10. Jealous- I'm jealous of all the folks in other stores at my company who have partners and full staffs. Someday, they tell me, they'll find someone to be my other half.

So there it is, my contribution to Whizgidget's Alphabet Soup. J was a harder letter than I thought it would be.

Due to the lack of comments to the last post, there will be some random RAKing going on as soon as I have time. You have been warned.

Nothing earth-shattering to report this week. Work's been keeping me busy. Someone had the brilliant idea to schedule our store's inventory and flu shot clinic on the same day. I'm very glad that's all over. Stitching's been a bit slow due to video game obsession though I have finished the cross stitching on English Garden Welcome's border and am working on the backstitch. I'm still playing Final Fantasy X and am finally in the home stretch. Just have to learn 2 more abilities and I should be well-armed for the final battle which is currently kicking my butt. Probably won't get too much of anything done this weekend since I have to work and Thanksgiving is next week so that'll be a busy time too.

Look out Thanksgiving weekend though! We just bought CSI Season 6 and I fully intend to plop my rear in a comfy chair and stitch through the weekend while watching it.

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