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Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Stitching Basket

As promised, info and new pics of all my WIPs. These are the ones that live in the stitching basket by my chair and are actually being stitched on pretty regularly. In no particular order...

Noah's Sub- Original artwork by Stewart Moskowitz, converted to cross stitch by Stoney Creek. Stitched on 32 ct antique white evenweave with DMC. I started this one awhile ago, 3/22/2004 to be exact, and it has a vague deadline attached to it. I'd like to finish and frame it by the time we have our first child so that we can hang it in the baby's room. No baby news yet, so I've still got some time. I'm stitching page by page and have 3 completely stitched so far. This scan shows my current area of stitching, I'm working my way up from the top of the sub to the sky.

Celtic Christmas- Design by Lavendar and Lace. Stitched on 32 ct evenweave, I think the color was Mushroom. I'm using DMC and Mill Hill beads. Started 11/4/2005 and still have a long way to go.

English Garden Welcome- Design by Teresa Wentzler. Stitched on 28 ct evenweave of unknown variety and DMC, I bought this one as a kit and am using the fabric and fibers provided. Started a long time ago, probably sometime in 2002. I decided to do the border first and save the middle part as last. The idea was that it would get stitched faster that way since the border would probably get boring eventually, but you can see how well that worked out by the start date.

Nativity- Design by Teresa Wentzler. Stitched on 32 ct oyster linen with DMC, Kreinik, and Mill Hill beads. Started in 2003 and will go to my in-laws as soon as it's finished and framed. I'm almost there, just have the backstitch and most of the border to go.

Polar Lights Sampler- Design by Chatelaine. My first Chatelaine, stitched on 32 ct ice blue linen with WDW, Caron, Mill Hill beads and treasures. Started in 2/2006. This chart was sent to me as a RAK (random act of kindness) from another stitcher and it just called to me until I started it.

The Witch's Pantry- Design by Lisa Cowell. Stitched on 32 ct black linen with Weeks Dye Works. Started in 2/2006 and hoped to get it done by this Halloween but maybe next year is a more reasonable goal.

That's it for the projects I'm currently working on. I have two more waiting patiently at the bottom of the basket-Santa's Magic and Flamingo. I hope to have at least one more finish before I start one of the new projects.

I've been eyeing Santa's Magic since I discovered Mirabilia's designs several years ago. I finally acquired the chart earlier this year and decided that it would look fabulous over the fireplace in our new house as we were in the process of buying the house. I will be stitching it on 32 ct Days Gone By lugana from Silkweaver and I'm planning on stitching with the recommended fibers. I've already got a fat half of the fabric and am still working on the fibers.

I purchased Flamingo on vacation in May. The wonderful ladies I met at a newly opened stitching shop in Virginia helped me pick out an awesome piece of Crossed Wings linen for it- 32 ct Cottage Garden. The fabric is hand-dyed green with some pink highlights and the colors really pop on it.


Karin said...

Wow! Your on the go projects look lovely!

Arthemise said...

Your WIPs are lovely. I did the border for TW's Welcome first too, and it did help me finish it faster. I know that if I save borders for last, I get really bored.

Suzanne said...

Wow, I love all your WIP's!

Barb said...

Your pieces are beautiful. Great job on them.

Anonymous said...

I love your WIP's especially Celtic winter. I wish I'm able to stitch it one day.