WIPocalypse 2012

Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's far too early for this. There are still lots of beautifully colored leaves on the trees. I have a gorgeous tree in the backyard right now.

And I also have snow. Just a little bit, but it's still there. In October. The sun should take care of it before too long, but I'll still know it was there this morning. The whole thing makes me feel like hiding under a blanket with my stitching all day and I may just do that since I don't have to work today and I do have to work a 13 hour shift tomorrow. I think it's time for a good fall meal tonight too, something that has to bake most of the afternoon. Roast with mashed potatoes and veggies sounds yummy.

Tune in this weekend-I'm planning to organize my stitching and get fresh scans of all my WIPs up here and possibly my soon-to-be WIPs.


Arthemise said...

Wow, beautiful colors on that tree! We don't see that here in Texas.

Shalini said...

Love the tree. Here in Northern VA, they're starting to change color too.

I'm not ready for snow yet!

Belinda said...

*whimper* I miss autumn!!

Barb said...

Our trees were starting to turn but our weather turned nasty so we may not get the full autumn colors this year. Your picture of the tree is beautiful.