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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wanted: One reasonable cell phone plan

Last week I got a flat tire. No big deal, my husband was with me, we were able to change it fairly easily and be on our way. It made us think though, what if we weren't together and something happened? We've had a single prepaid cell phone for quite awhile. We use it on trips, he takes it with him when he drives to his classes in the next town over. I used to carry it before we moved to the same city I work in. But the phone is getting old by cell phone standards and just doesn't take being dropped as well as it used to anymore.

So we've decided it's time to get real cell phones and we've been checking out the local cell phone providers and their plans. I've seen the advertisements for the new cell phones. Some of my friends have phones that do much, much more than just place phone calls. The cell phones we saw today though are amazing and just a bit scary. The sales lady we purchased from was kind enough to show us the full line her provider offered- everything from a little bare bones model with a color screen and no camera to a several hundred dollar model with more bells and whistles than I can even imagine what I'd do with. This phone looked like my Palm Pilot. It had a keyboard, internet capability, texting, games, MP3 capability, and a camera with more memory than many of the digital cameras we were looking at in a local department store recently. It was the Cadillac of phones and definitely more than either of us would ever need.

I understand the need for cool gadgets. I like cool gadgets and toys myself and I do have a Palm Pilot for work. It's pretty handy to have too-I can store all sorts of drug info and databases on it and it has games for when business is slow:) No idea what I would do with a phone like that though.

We politely told our sales lady that we wanted a slightly lower end model and settled on a couple of nice flip phones that have cameras and all the normal cell phone capabilities. About an hour and $150 later we're both home with shiny new phones. My husband has already figured out how to download games and has called me several times from the next room. Thankfully, the phones come with only partially charged batteries and his will die soon, leaving me to stitch in peace tonight.

Speaking of stitching, not too much going on yet this week. I'm still stitching on Noah's Sub but work has prevented me from getting too many hours in so far this week. I'm still hoping to get to the end of page 4 by Sunday night though.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, cell phones are a must. I've had mine for about 4 years now, I think. It's very handy if I get lost while driving! Or I get locked out! Been there, done that.

Also, plans! I found I was wasting a lot of minutes in even the cheapest plan we could find. So, we switched mine to T-mobile's Pay as you go plan. I buy $100 worth of minutes and can use as much or as little. It took me 6(!) months to use the first lot~ LOL

DH has that PDA phone with all the bells and whistles. Works for him!