WIPocalypse 2012

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gone too long again

Sure didn't mean to be gone a month but life just keeps getting in the way. So what's been going on? Well, we had another short camping trip, my Mom had foot surgery and is still recovering though she's at least somewhat mobile again (two weeks of bed rest were not fun for her so we've been keeping her company a lot), there's been job stress and some general life stress too and just not enough hours in the day. Hoping that things are going to calm down as we get closer to the holidays but that's probably wishful thinking. I am going to try to make a little more time for blogging and reading though, I've missed both!

So I brought pictures of course. We had a pirate Halloween this year, Josh even made a pumpkin pirate...

Josh's pumpkin 10/30/13 photo null_zps1fc42fce.jpg

And we did trick or treat with some of Josh's cousins. The kids had fun even though the rain forced us to trick or treat at the mall with the crowds.

Trick or treat 10/31/13 photo null_zps7624df1e.jpg

I've been stitching too. I finished another of the LHN Little Sheep Virtues...

Little Sheep Virtues Hope photo 7c85a8e87335de7cc43a2632b5566ff3_zps117fe2d5.jpg

And the first of four birth announcements (except for the personalization, haven't decided in the lettering yet).

My Favorite Teddy 10/17/13 photo ecbbe75da78399b405ed0f3412e18d8e_zps6a141959.jpg

Number two is getting close to finished too, I'm hoping to get these first two to the framer before Christmas.

My Favorite Teddy (version #2) 11/9/13 photo 7d35b9567901fe596b9bf72bf72194f5_zps4eff5a0a.jpg

That about brings us back up to date. Josh and I are enjoying a rare quiet day at home today so I'm hoping to get some more stitching time and reading time in. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone's been up to.