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Sunday, September 01, 2013

A Spooky Finish

A Spirited Mandala 8/27/13 photo null_zpsc665f4c5.jpg

Finally finished! The details- A Spirited Mandala by Ink Circles (published in the first big JCS Halloween book, 2011 I think), stitched on 32 count Voodoo linen by Picture This Plus with DMC 310, finished 8/27/13. Still can't quite find the right light to bring out the true color of the fabric and I don't think PTP could either as the original pic I saw was similar to mine but in real life it's not quite as shockingly bright orange as the picture suggests. Oh well, maybe I'll get a better pic when I actually finish it off.

So that left my stitching table empty for about 30 seconds or so while I debated a new start for me and starting the birth announcement project. I was good and pulled out the birth announcement kit I ordered a little while back and the four (yes, four) pieces of fabric to go with it. I know, I'm behind- the first recipient just turned 3 years old, the second is 7 months, the third is due next month, and the last in November. Could be worse but these are generally baptism gifts so that buys me a bit more time but may make for some boring blogging so I'm planning on doing some occasional smalls so none of us get bored.

That brings me to why I love my LNS- picked up my fabric from them a couple of weeks ago from a young lady who was obviously working there as a summer job. Didn't think much of it until this week when I pulled out the first piece to add a zigzag border so it wouldn't fray during stitching. It was obvious one side was a bit crooked but we're all human so no big deal but then the second side was pretty crookedly cut too so I took them all up to the craft room and got out the ruler. Yikes. At least one piece was definitely unusable so Josh and I took a ride, fabric in tow and hoping they had enough for another cut. I was pretty sure the others were going to be mostly ok, not great but I don't like to be a complainer and I know she was new. Two of the usual ladies were at the counter that day and within minutes had cut me 3 new pieces and squared off all 4 of the original pieces all at no charge (unless you count the new Lizzie Kate Biscornu kit and the new GAST skeins I found but I don't, had to make the trip worth the gas:) ). Totally unexpected but a very nice gesture and that's why I love House of Stitches.

So its also Labor Day weekend here in the US though we don't have too much planned since both Erich and I are working tomorrow. We did make it to the local minor league baseball game Friday night so that was something at least and Josh loved it. Today we might do a bit of shopping, definitely going to get in a bit more stitching, and going to take a trip over to my parents' house to drop the little guy off for a sleepover since we have no daycare for tomorrow. Hope everyone celebrating has a happy holiday and I'll be back next week sometime when my birth announcement looks like more than a brown blob.


Emma/Itzy said...

Your finish is great, I love the fabric. You are so lucky to have a LNS, I don't even know where my nearest one is I order everything online.

Pull the other thread said...

Great finish, the fabby is beautiful. That was a very nice gesture from your LNS. I have an LNS but is very small and only does a limited range, but it is handy when I just need a skein or two of something.

Faerie said...

That is so cool!

Anonymous said...

A lovely finish, very striking.
It's great to hear a nice tale about your LNS (: