WIPocalypse 2012

Sunday, September 02, 2012

August WIPocalypse Part 2

A few days late but still not too far into September yet:)

So since last WIPocalypse post, I did participate in some stitching competitions inspired by the athletic events over in London.  I decided to work on projects that had solid stitching and to see how many stitches I could get in during the month.  With vacation and adoption paperwork and plain old work I probably didn't have my best month ever but I got a fair amount done.

First up was a new start, Lisa Victoria's QS Pirate Dragon charted by HAED got a total of 6,463 stitches...

QS Pirate Dragon 8/30/12

And I also put some more stitches into Fish City, 3,680 to be exact...

Fish City 7/26/12

Fish City 8/30/12

I finished off the billboard, added a fish, and got to work on all that background at the bottom of my new chart page.  Not too bad for a month filled with all sorts of distractions from stitching:)

So for September, I have no real stitching plans, no pressure, no deadlines.  I'm thinking about continuing on with the dragon since I finally got to a good point to start his tail and it is the year of the dragon after all but we'll see which WIP calls the loudest next time I sit down to stitch!


Christine said...

Wow, Sara, you got lots done! They both look great!

Rebekah said...

Your dragon is looking great! I started that one a long time ago and all I have done is most of his vest. I haven't touched it in a good while.

Deanne J said...

Great progress