WIPocalypse 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adoption Changes

The last few weeks have been filled with all sorts of excitement, not necessarily all the good kind but I think things are going to work out all right. The biggest news is that we are being forced into changing our adoption plans. Some things have happened in Russia that will likely make our current application quite delayed and no guarantees that we'll get a child home at the end of the delays so we're looking at other options and I think we have hit on a winner so look for more on that hopefully sooner rather than later.

I've also been battling some pretty nasty sinus problems which hopefully will be corrected next month when I have an appt with a specialist.

On the bright side, we got our sprinklers fixed so despite the heat our grass is actually starting to look a little more green than brown. And I've put in a fair amount of stitching time since it has been too hot to do much else and my yard has been pretty dead anyway. New Fish City pics coming with my TUSAL post in a few days.

That's about it for the moment, I promise to dig out the camera and post some pics next time:)

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