WIPocalypse 2012

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mason's baptism

The WIPocalypse post is coming but today I wanted to share some quick pics of our brand new godson's baptism.  My cousin Kirsten and her husband are Josh's godparents and we were thrilled when they chose us as their younger son Mason's godparents so today was a very special day for our familes.  Everything went very well, all 3 of our boys were very well behaved both in church and at the family gathering afterward.  I tried to get some good pics of the kids playing outside but they just moved too fast for most of my shots.  Oh, and this is the little guy that the birth announcement I finished earlier this year belongs to.  His parents received it today and they loved it!  But enough talk, the day in pictures...

Mason's baptism 2 5/6/12
Mason's Baptism 5/6/12
The W and R families 5/6/12
Erich, Sara and Mason 5/6/12
Josh and Luke 5/6/12
Josh 5/6/12
Josh and Grandma 5/6/12

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dulcinella said...

lovely pictures. Being asked as godparents is an honor indeed. The two little ones seem to have quite a lot of fun:-)