WIPocalypse 2012

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Fish City Update

WIPocalypse update time is coming but I wanted to give you something to look at for now so meet the new fish in my Fish City...

Fish City 5/3/12

This little guy seems to be getting along fine with the others. Until update time I'm going to try to get some more of the background done so it will be easier to tackle the taxi cab fish above him. We'll see how far I can get in a few days. I have an unexpected day off work tomorrow and storms are supposedly coming so it is sounding like a promising stitching day.

In other news, I am officially back in physical therapy for the shoulder I reinjured in the car accident a few weeks ago. I know it will help and I'm glad I'm not paying for it this time but it sure does cut into my free time not to mention my yard work time and ability. I can do about 15 minutes or so of weeding at a time and with a toddler around those sessions are few and kind of far between so apologies to my neighbors.

On a happier note, our soon-to-be godson's baptism is this weekend so we should be in for a nice family gathering. I'm sure Josh will have a great time playing with his cousins. The other thing making me happy this week is that we made reservations for a little family vacation at the end of May. We will be spending three nights in Dearborn, MI with plans to visit the Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, and possibly the Detroit Zoo. Erich and Josh have never been but I went to the museum and village on a field trip in high school and have always wanted to go back so I'm pretty excited. I'm also pretty sure my car freak boys are going to have to be dragged out:)

Happy stitching until next time!

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dulcinella said...

It's such a cute design! I really like to see it grow. I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder. is it the right or the left one? and is it a problem when you cross stitch? Sending you lots of good vibrations and hugs, happy stitching weekend!