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Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone that celebrated had a great time. We were pretty boring this year, brought dinner home and closed out the year watching DVD's/Netflix and stitching/painting. I got a few last stitches in on Watergarden and Erich worked on a model tank he found recently.
Lots going on in 2012 for us with our pending adoption so not sure how that will affect everyone's hobbies yet but I'm going to try to get in as much as I can before life starts to get exciting around here again. I'm planning on participating in the both the TUSAL and WIPocalypse 2012 so that should keep the posts coming this year in any case. I have added a WIPocalypse list page to my blog to help me keep track of my progress. I'm going to attempt to kill off some of my older WIPs this year so we'll see how much self control I have once I have birthday money to spend on stash. No promises, but I'll try to be kind of good.
Before I start my 2012 stitching, let's take one last look at Watergarden as I left it on New Year's Eve night...
Watergarden 12/31/11

I'm happy with my progress on this one but I'd like to finish it in 2012 as well. There's an empty spot on the wall in our master bath that is calling for a picture.
Oh, and I got one last picture of my ort cup before I emptied it out for the new year.

2011 ort cup

2011 orts

I know my cup is a little hard to see inside of so I took out my orts for a pic too. I love how I can see the layers of projects- Hydrangea Pillow, Celtic Autumn, JBW stockings and Watergarden. I'm sure there are more in there but those are the main ones. I think this is the most orts I've ever collected in a single year, here's hoping for an even better 2012! Poor cup looks kind of empty and lonely now but I'm going to try to start filling it up again tonight.

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Cheryl said...

Watergarden is coming along so beautifully!

I'm looking forward to hearing more in 2012 about your next adoption. I know you are looking forward to a new addition to your family. :)