WIPocalypse 2012

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thanks for the comments on Flamingo. It's been in the WIP bin for quite awhile now, started it on vacation a few years ago and just never got back to it. I'd really like to finish it off for my wall someday though.

I think Josh is feeling better but I'm glad I took off work today as he still had a litle bit of a fever this morning so daycare would have just sent him back home anyway. We've been taking it pretty easy, took a quick trip to the store to pick up a few things for dinner tonight and Josh saw some watercolor paints that were on sale so we bought them to play with later. I remember having the same kind when I was little, the ones in the plastic white tray that are solid and dry until you drip a little water onto them with the brush. I hope he likes them.

Our other big accomplishment for the day was to wash the sliding glass door and put up some fall gel clings.

8/30/11 Josh's leaves

Can you tell which ones Josh helped with? He has a thing about lining things up right now-cars, stickers, window clings. Must be a toddler thing, his cousin Luke has started doing it too.

Josh came out so dark in the first picture I took another one of him being silly on the floor. Wouldn't know he's sick if you didn't already know, Motrin is a wonderful thing. He definitely looks much better than yesterday and he's asking to eat so that's a good sign.

8/30/11 Josh being silly

He discovered pockets a few weeks ago and thinks they are the greatest thing ever!

Off to enjoy a little unexpected free time and get some more feathers stitched while Josh finishes his nap. When he wakes up I'm sure he'll remind me that I promised we could paint this afternoon. We should have some new refrigerator art by tonight:)

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