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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

More Flamingo

So Josh's speedy recovery was not so speedy after all. After last post his fever continued for a few more days so we were treated to a second doctor's visit as well as some super fun bloodwork and other medical tests.  Still don't know exactly what it was but Josh finally started really feeling better over the weekend.  He was really starting to worry me, it's so good to see him back to himself again. 

Since I had some extra time home last week I was able to sneak in some extra stitching time and am coming close to finishing the cross stitched portion of Flamingo.

Flamingo 9/7/11
This is really stitching up faster than I thought it would. The remaining feathers are really just two big blocks of color so they should go pretty quickly as well and then I'll be left with all the backstitching. I usually like to do that as I stitch but it seemed easier to leave it until last with this design. I'm definitely looking forward to another finish. I think it might even be worth a new start. I've got my eye on Chatelaine's Watergarden. I've had it kitted up for awhile now, just haven't gotten around to starting it. We'll see when I finally get around to a happy dance. But wait, my craft isn't the only one I have to show off today. Josh is becoming quite the artist. He's developed quite an interest in painting and coloring lately. We spent awhile this afternoon making leaf prints (and a few hand prints too) with some sponges I found at a craft store awhile back. He had a lot of fun and now we will have some new refrigerator art and some to give to his grandparents too.

Joshua art 9/7/11
That's about it for now. Still waiting on finalization of our homestudy so we can ship all our documents off. It seems like they're taking forever to finish up but I know the holiday weekend is probably slowing everything down. I'm sure we'll hear something soon.


Christine said...

Your flamingo looks amazing!! Josh's art is beautiful, too!

Lesleyanne said...

Glad Josh is feeling better. His painting is great. Your flamigo is gorgeous.

Jo said...

Beautiful stitching, and I love Josh's artwork. I'm glad to hear he's feeling better