WIPocalypse 2012

Saturday, July 30, 2011

TUSAL and some stitching

Let's take a short break from vacation posting for some TUSAL orts as it is that time once again.

TUSAL 7/30/11

Most of the orts in this round's offering belong to the ornaments I stitched on vacation. I finished two more of the Shepherd's Bush series that JCS published in the ornie issues from 2000-2007.

Wisemen Came 7/23/11

In A Stable 7/24/11

Three more to go and then I'm faced with the task of actually finishing them off which I am not looking forward to since I'm not the world's best finisher and I would love to finish them as pictured in the magazine but I'm sure I'll work something out or possibly bribe someone with better sewing skills than mine:)

I did end up taking a break from Celtic Autumn before vacation and did a round on Polar Lights Sampler by Chatelaine which I haven't stitched on in forever. I got a good chunk of the lower right border and one of flowers done in that corner as well. Someday it'll be a HD. For now it was a nice break from all the fall colors.

Polar Lights Sampler 7/30/11

And now I'm back to Celtic Autumn.

Celtic Autumn 7/30/11

I'm slowly working my way through the border and am still hoping to make it to a finish by Grandma's birthday. I've got until August 19 so we'll see what happens.


Christine said...

You've gotten a lot of stitching done, Sara! Great job on the ornaments as well as your sampler and Celtic Autumn!

Cheryl said...

I remember stitching those ornaments! Um, mine are still in a "to be ornamentified" pile. I should be embarrassed by that, but I'm not really.

I haven't seen a Polar Lights pic in ages! Forgot how pretty it is. Awesome! And, GO, GO, GO!!!! on Celtic Autumn - she's gorgeous!