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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What a busy start to August! I traded some hours with another pharmacist at work so I ended up working both of the last weekends. In return I'll have the next two off starting with this one so I'm definitely looking forward to that. Outside of work we've been busy gathering the last of our homestudy paperwork (finally got sent off yesterday, yay!) and starting on the dossier paperwork. Seems like we just did this not so long ago for Josh but at least this time we know what to expect.

I've also gotten a little time for stitching in. Celtic Autumn is almost done, just the beading left now but it'll have to wait a day or so until I can get to a shop to compare some colors. Since I used 32 count fabric, the regular Mill Hill beads don't fit as well so I'm going to sub petites as I did in Celtic Noel but not all the colors have a direct substitution so I want to go look at them in person before I decide for sure. I promise plenty of pictures as soon as the beading is done!

For now, how about the rest of the vacation pics?

We spent part of Saturday morning in downtown Kenosha so we visited the Kenosha Civil War Museum which Erich had never been to in all his trips there growing up so we all got to see something new. I don't know what I was expecting but it was actually very interesting. It was kind of a walk through the timeline of the war with quite a lot of interactive exhibits. One of the neatest but also creepiest at first were the mannequins dressed in period clothing that were scattered about the museum. Each would start a pretty one-sided conversation with you if you stood near them. It was a little strange at first but then became rather interesting as we found some of the same characters again and again throughout the exhibits and they would give updates on how they were faring over time.

Civil War Museum 7/23/11

We also got to visit Lake Michigan which was a first for Joshua. He seemed to like it. He definitely liked watching the boats going out into the lake and made friends with a few seagulls who were big fans of popcorn.

Erich and Josh at Lake Michigan 7/23/11

Josh and Sara at Lake Michigan 7/23/11

Grandma and Josh feeding seagulls 7/23/11

Seagull at Lake Michigan 7/23/11

We talked about it all weekend but it took until the last night for us to finally make it down to the hotel pool which was also a hit with Josh.

Josh swimming at the hotel 7/23/11

He really seemed to like his little wetsuit. It did work a lot better than the old life jackets that I remember.

Last stop on our way out of town Sunday was Mars' Cheese Castle, a favorite of Erich's family for a long time. They've always had an awesome cheese and sausage selection as well as some really tasty baked goods but up until recently it was kind of a pain to go because of the combination of their small shop and popularity. They had been crammed into this building...

The old Mars' building 7/24/11

The old Mars' building 7/24/11

...but thanks to a highway expansion project they were forced to move a little farther back from the road and have built themselves an actual castle.

Mars' Cheese Castle 7/24/11

Mars logo 7/24/11

The funny thing is that even though the new building is much bigger it still seems a little crowded at times. Definitely worth the trip though, it just wouldn't be a trip to WI without some cheddar bread and cheese curds.

So that was vacation. I think we all had fun and my parents enjoyed getting to see where part of Erich's family is from. I don't know when we'll get the chance to take another one but Erich and I are hoping to get a long weekend off together to take Josh down to Indy sometime before the end of the year. We'll see what happens.

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh can't wait for your finishe Celtic Autumn!

What great holiday pictures. Do you remember when we were kids you'd put this big football-shaped flotation thing on your back that belted around your wasit? They have come along way with flotation devices for young children. I call those "Superman" Suits because it makes little boys look all muscular!