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Monday, November 01, 2010

I apologize for the lack of Halloween pictures today, I do have them but I left my camera behind at my sister in law's house last night so we'll have to go retrieve that sometime soon and then I promise I'll post some pictures of my little lion.

Despite the weekend getting off to a not so great start, we had a good Halloween. Friday started off with Joshua being sent home from daycare for suspected pink eye which was confirmed by the doctor so we got him the antibiotic drops and had a few Halloween treats at home since he missed the party at daycare. Saturday was trick or treat in our city so we got out the wagon and got Joshua into his costume which he apparently mistook for pajamas and cried for a good 15 minutes until he realized that we were going out and not to bed. It took him a couple houses to figure out what was going on but as soon as he realized that candy was going in his bag he was really into it. He lasted nearly an hour, much longer than I thought he would but he was riding a lot of the time and our neighborhood has pretty good decorations and lots of kids were out so there was plenty to look at. Sunday was trick or treat in the city that all our family lives in so we took Josh out to visit with all the grandparents Sunday afternoon/evening and he got to go out again a little bit which he really enjoyed. I sure hope he doesn't think we're going out again today:)

Outside of Halloween, not too much excitement around here this week. Next week though is another story with our first post placement visit for the adoption coming up and Joshua's birthday party.

I did take advantage of my weekend off and some long naps that Joshua took to get some stitching in and finished another page of Dragon Moon...

Dragon Moon 11/1/10

Only twenty-some pages to go! I'm not sure how long I'll have the ambition to keep going on this round as I get back into two pages of almost solid blue but we'll see. Sometimes the solid stitching is a nice break from confetti as I can pay better attention to my iPod or the television but two pages worth is a lot of blue!

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