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Thursday, September 02, 2010

More pictures

I finally got Webshots to work for me and got my pictures from the other day reloaded. But before I get to those, Dani asked in the comments if I was going to stitch Enchantment of Winter of St. Basil's Cathedral from Dimples Designs. Honestly, I hadn't even been aware that such a design existed. Apparently the Dimples Designs charts are now out of print though so I haven't been able to find a picture but between Dani's description and what I know of the Dimples eggs I'm sure it will be gorgeous and I look forward to watching hers grow at least until I can find a copy.

Oh, and before I forget again- Joshua is doing just fine. I think he's forgotten all about last week's procedure and the only time he's bothered by it is when we have to put the antibiotic ointment on the procedure site. Otherwise he's definitely back to normal.

But on to the pictures! We finished Joshua's St. Basil's model just a day or so before the baptism. It looks pretty good. The decals for the onion domes leave quite a bit to be desired but from a distance they look really cool.

St. Basil's complete 8/22/10

As I said before Joshua's baptism went really well. I really was there during the baptism, I'm actually standing between Erich and the priest, talking to Joshua while the priest poured the water and annointed him with oil:)

Baptism 8/22/10

We got some pictures but it was hard to get him to face forward for all the pictures afterward.

Mom, Dad, and Joshua 8/22/10

And these are Erich's godparents, my cousin Kirsten and her husband Brad. Their son Luke is the little guy Joshua tries to share snacks with occasionally.

Joshua and his godparents 8/22/10

We had lunch in the church basement afterward. I know the tables look a little empty here...

Lunch after the baptism 8/22/10

...but it's because everyone was in line to get their food when I finally got my hands on my camera.

Lunch 8/22/10

And of course we had cake too!

Cake 8/22/10

Since we hadn't seen everyone since we've been back from Russia we also set up St. Basil's with a digital frame showing all the pics we took on our trips to Russia and a few of our souvenirs. That seemed to be a hit since most people had seen Joshua but not many had actually seen many of the pictures.

Presents and pictures 8/22/10

Joshua got some really neat gifts from the family for his baptism. Most of them were prayer books and medals and other expected things but he also got some toys and clothes which was totally unexpected but definitely appreciated. The most unique gift came from Holly, my friend from college who has always been a big animal lover. Her current favorite craft is loom knitting and she made Joshua an alligator, jellyfish, and a couple of snakes:)

Joshua's new animals 8/23/10

When I was taking pictures of Joshua's new buddies I realized I never took pictures of Joshua's finished bedroom so I'll add those too since it is a random picture post.

Joshua's room 8/23/10

Joshua's room 8/23/10

Joshua's room 3 8/23/10

We're pretty happy with the way it turned out. I think about the only thing we're still missing is a shelf above the dresser for some of Joshua's Russia souvenirs like his wooden toys and nesting dolls. We have one, just haven't had time to get it up yet.

I think that about catches me back up in pictures now. I'll have to get some stitching scans for you next time. In between finishing the stitching and beading for Santa's Magic I did a round on an old HAED that's been pushed to the back of my project basket. I've also finished a couple ornaments and started a biscornu kit I bought on my last trip to House of Stitches. I'm sure going to miss all the stitching time when I head back to work on Sunday!


Christine said...

Congratulations on Joshua's baptism! It looks like it was a wonderful occasion. His room is amazing!

Suzanne said...

Sara I have an extra St. Basil's Cathedral by Dimples Designs chart and would LOVE to gift it to you. It is truly beautiful and I would be honored to send it to you (sorry I can't stitch it and send THAT to you) LOL

Here's a picture I found online:

E-mail me your address and I'll send it off to you!


Suzanne said...

PS - the one I have is just the St. Basil's, NOT Enchantment of Winter (with St. Basil's inside the Egg).

HTG's Crafty Critters said...

Thanks for including us in this big event. As always, we had a wonderful time with your family. The baptism went so well and you've chosen wonderful godparents. You're getting your boy off to a great start :)

I'm always sure that the recipient will enjoy their handmade gift... but there's also always that little bit of fear that they won't think it's as wonderful as I do. These alligators are especially dear to me, they're my favorite self designed pattern yet! Now to knit one for myself... and maybe update my blog.