WIPocalypse 2012

Friday, September 10, 2010

I really meant to get back here sooner but my first week of work got in the way. It wasn't too bad but it did require getting up earlier than I've become accustomed to. Oh well. The time off was too good to last but I am being treated to a rare 3 day weekend this weekend.

Nothing too exciting going on this week except that Joshua and I found out how to get in and out of the doctor's office in record time this morning. He was just being seen for a followup on the surgery he had a couple weeks ago so it was no big deal but we were running late due to traffic re-routing because of an accident. Then Joshua's belly decided it didn't like his breakfast and he threw up all over himself and the carseat on the way into the doctor's parking lot. Great. Thankfully we had a change of shirt and enough wipes to make him presentable for a doctor's office. We walked in 15 minutes late (their policy is that they reschedule you at 15 minutes late) and I apologized and explained while Joshua looked pathetic. He gets carsick occasionally and I thought that was what had happened. They apparently felt sorry for us as we were immediately shown into a room. The nurse no sooner than shut the door than the doctor opened it again, checked Joshua's incision, and we were back out in the car all in about 5 minutes. Now that's service! Not that I'm advocating vomit for quick appointments but it seemed to work out well for all today as it's continued to be a pukey morning over here. I'm thinking now that he's picked something up from daycare. Had to happen sooner or later. He took a long nap when we got home which was good because it gave me some clean up time and now he's up and running around like nothing happened so that's a good sign. We'll see how the afternoon progresses.

But I really didn't drop by just to talk about puke. I brought pictures. I've been busy stitching ornaments over the past month or so and thought it's about time I share. First up is Be Merry. It's by My Mark from the 2008 JCS ornament issue. I stitched it on 28ct white evenweave.

Be Merry 9/10/10

Next is Santa's Buddies by Angel Stitchin from the 2009 JCS ornament issue. That one's on a scrap of linen from my stash, not sure the count. I decided not to spend big bucks on snowflake treasures and made my own little snowflakes except for one.

Santa's Buddies 9/10/10

I also finally started stitching the Shepherd's Bush series from the JCS ornament issues that started in 2000. I'm stitching them on 32ct lugana but am not sure of the color. It's either mocha or mushroom according to the LNS but no one's been able to figure out for sure. Oh well, it's the perfect color for this piece. So far I've finished 2000 Years Ago and Shepherds Watched with the exception of the charms.

2000 Years Ago 9/10/10

Shepherds Watched 9/10/10

In between the stitching and beading of Santa's Magic I found an old WIP, a HAED QS that I'd started a few years ago, and did a round on that too. It's QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble, part of a Josephine Wall piece.

QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble 3/12/08

And after...
QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble 8/23/10

That's about all the news from here for now. Hopefully the stomach bug or whatever it was won't make the rounds in my house and we'll all have a nice weekend off after today.


Christine said...

Wow, you've gotten a lot of stitching done! All of your ornaments look great, as does your HAED piece. Sorry to hear Joshua wasn't feeling well but I hope he's over it now!

Cheryl said...

Oh, the joys of a toddler in daycare! How well I remember those days.... The good thing is that they generally have built up great immunities by the time they start school - at least my DDs did.

Those ornaments are wonderful. Makes me want to get back to stitching some smalls. :D

Missy Ann said...

Oh I remember those days, puke in the car seat. Worst smell ever! lol

And thank you again for your thank you package! I finally got a blog post up today.