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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer seems to have finally set in, it's been really nice weather for most of the summer so far but the temps are creeping toward 90 for the rest of this week and that does not make me happy. In fact, it makes me want to go hide in the air conditioning which is exactly what I plan on doing today.

Anyway, family stuff last weekend was very nice though it made for a busy weekend which extended into a busy week at work too. Honestly, I'm not sure why business decided to pick up just now but it has and hopefully that will translate into more hours soon. Today's my day off before working the weekend so lots of stitching time today, not so much over the next few days. I've put Bluebell down temporarily to work on the birth announcement I got for my cousin who is having a baby supposedly in September but by the look of her belly this weekend, maybe sooner. Baby is looking pretty low. This is the beginning of Bucilla's In the Jungle Birth Announcement...

Jungle Birth Announcement 8/13/09

I swapped out the aida for a hand-dyed evenweave I found at the LNS last trip and am changing colors as I please. So far I've decided that the giraffe's spots were wrong and I might not like the lion's mane too much either but I'll get over to that later. I'm starting to wish that I'd swapped all the floss for DMC but am hoping that a little Thread Heaven will help things out, this stuff tangles like crazy.

I did get one last shot of Bluebell to last you until I'm done with this. I finally got the dark highlights in her dress done and they add a lot of dimension. It really pops off the fabric now.

Bluebell 8/13/09


Cheryl said...

Bluebell is lookin' good!

Thinking about that jungle piece - sometimes it can be fun to pull stuff from your stash and "fix" a design. I'm sure your adaptations will be wonderful!

Missy Ann said...

I see a giraffe! Bluebell looks wonderful, headless & all.

Deanne J said...

Both are stitching nicely