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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bluebell again

It's been a busy couple of days with me working the weekend and then we've been doing a lot of family things. It seems like everyone decided to come visit at once- a bunch of Erich's cousins are in town from all around the country and my aunt and uncle are in from California so we've been busy! Not much time for stitching but I have managed to almost fill in Bluebell's dress.

8/5/09 Bluebell

I'm getting a little tired of blue but she's so pretty I'm putting up with it for just a little longer. Pretty soon I'll be able to play with the Kreiniks in her wings. Then I'll tackle the two tone skin. I'm aiming for a good chunk of stitching time on Friday (3 day weekend, yay!) but who knows what'll happen by then. So far the weekend plans include a wedding and reception Saturday and a family dinner at our house on Sunday.

No adoption news, still waiting and now we're in the process of updating some paperwork that is going to expire on us. Thankfully it is only two documents and the next ones to expire aren't until October so hopefully we'll have court by then and be done with everything.


Missy Ann said...

OMG her dress is so pretty. I love the blues.

Gah!!! Come back from vacation everyone! Sending speedy get this done now vibes.

Jo said...

Bluebell is looking lovely - hope you manage to get some quality stitching time on Friday

venus said...

Blue bell is looking lovely....
very interesting to read ....thanks for giving this kind of blogs....,thanks for sharing with us......

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