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Friday, August 21, 2009

Another week, another post

I really should try and post here more than once a week but it just seems like there isn't enough time in the day lately. Since last post we have been busy and this weekend is going to be more of the same with a beach wedding tomorrow and likely a family dinner Sunday (in a restaurant, thank goodness not at my house which is not company clean). I spent this morning finishing up the last of the adoption running for our dossier updates (some of the original paperwork was going to expire) and got them off to UPS so they will be arriving at the Secretary of State's office bright and early Monday morning to get their shiny, gold apostille stickers. By coincidence, the young woman that waited on me at the County Recorder's office this morning when I was picking up my paperwork there happened to be a Russian adoptee and was pretty excited that we were going to be bringing home a Russian child. She made me promise to bring him in to say hi when we all make it home which will be no problem as we need to go back there anyway to file new paperwork for our refinanced mortgage in month or so. We might just have to hold off on that until we get home now:)

This afternoon will be spent between laundry and stitching on the jungle birth announcement. My cousin's baby has not made an appearance yet so I'm using as much spare time as possible to try to get this finished before he/she decides to arrive. I'm feeling pretty good with the giraffe done and the monkey started. I'm shooting for a finish in about 2 weeks at this pace if I can get a good chunk of time in today which I fully intend to do now that I've got my new upstairs lamp set up so I can enjoy the fresh, cool summer air we're being treated to at the moment. Low 70's for a high both today and tomorrow, yay!

Here's where I stand at the moment...

Jungle Birth Announcement 8/21/09

I ended up changing the giraffe's spots to a different color and changed around the backstitching on the leaves a bit as well as changing the color on the words. It was originally supposed to be the medium green but that just seemed like too much green for me with all the jungle leaves so brown seemed a better option and seems to really pop on the fabric too. I just hope I didn't end up shorting myself on the brown by doing that but I think I've got enough. I'm toying with the idea of using pink or blue for the cross stitches in the baby's name and birth date but we'll see when that time comes. My next change will likely be a pale pink to fill in the monkey's ears instead of the tan and I think that's probably all I'll change on him.

And that's about it for this week. No new adoption news, we're told that new updates are on the way but we probably won't be getting them until after the first week in September. I'm starting to get antsy again, I can only forget about it so long until the waiting starts to get to me and it's tough but I've been talking a lot to some other adoptive parents in the same boat and that seems to help.

See ya next week!


Missy Ann said...

Welcome to the Jungle is looking so cute. I like your changes. And is it too much to hope they name the kid Axl? lol

August is nearly over, everyone should be back to work shortly. Keeping my fingers crossed things get moving forward again the soonest.

Jo said...

Jungle is lovely - I've not seen the design before. Hopefully stitching it will help you keep your mind off the adoption. I think it's great you've found a Russian adoptee nearby, having someone like that around, even if you don't know them, can be really helpful.

venus said...

Jungle is really looking cute... very creative you are... thanks for the beautiful post... thanks foe sharing with us..

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