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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stitchy pics

My plan from the other day worked so well I just might do it again- house is looking reasonably decent (meaning the public areas are clean and the rest, well, I can live with it) and my day off for the week is tomorrow so most of it might just be spent stitching. At this point I just don't have a whole lot of motivation, I really just want to be in Russia, no actually I want to be back from Russia with Ben in my arms so I'm doing what needs to be done and trying to keep myself busy and mostly happy the rest of the time. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.

And right now stitching on Santa's Magic makes me happy and also happens to fit into the Christmas in July themed SAL over at The Wagon. This piece makes me think of all the fun things that are going to happen this Christmas. It makes me think of the magical time Christmas can be when there are young kids around and that makes me very happy. It also pleases me that this one is stitched over two with lots of bright colors as opposed to over one and all purple which was getting a bit old. This one doesn't fit on the scanner anymore so I'll just scan the current WIP area and owe you all a full pic later-

Santa's Magic 7/15/09

Since picking this one up again I've finished the checkered strip going across Santa's shoulder and some of the feathery things trailing along behind him.

I should also post a pic of QS Believe since I did make some good progress before I put it away...

QS Believe 7/15/09

It really is coming together and I really like it but the over one and the purple were getting a little old so it was time to switch things up for awhile.

In other life news, work goes on and on. Haven't done too much socially lately although we did make dinner for my parents last night. It was their 30th wedding anniversary and they really didn't want a fuss so we just had them over and grilled steaks and zucchini on the grill with a salad and some yummy orzo on the side. I think it was exactly what they wanted, to be remembered but not have a huge party. The only other thing on the calendar at the moment is my cousin's baby shower (last shower for awhile, I think we've had 4 so far this spring and summer). That is on Saturday and I'll be spending the day helping make it special for her. She really deserves it and I hope it goes well.

In adoption news, there really isn't any. It sounds like the officials are all on vacation which happens quite frequently during the summer so it's no surprise, just annoying because we're ready to go:) The agency promises that court dates will be announced after the middle of the month so I'm hoping tomorrow but thinking realistically next week, maybe the week after. We'll see.

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Missy Ann said...

Ok, I'll admit it. Now the court date can happen. It's not that I wanted a late court date, I just wanted one that happened after I got the quilt to you. lol

Santa looks fab! I bought the fabric for him last Christmas. One of these days I might even start him.