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Friday, July 10, 2009

RAK Thank you!

This would have been up a few days ago if the computer had behaved properly. It was kind enough to randomly not allow me to open up such necessary sites as Webshots and Ebay. Thanks computer, I lost an auction because of you. Oh well, I will find my item elsewhere. Anyway, a couple of security scans and dumping of my cookies later and I'm back in business.

So the other day I got an unexpected message from a stitchy friend asking if I'd received a box so I called home and sure enough Erich found a box on the porch from Missy Ann with this inside for Ben...

Ben's quilt

Ben's quilt- alphabet

Ben's quilt- nesting doll

Ben's quilt- mushrooms

Holy cow! Definitely didn't see that one coming but it was a very welcome surprise and I'm sure he's going to love it as much as Erich and I do. Thank you Missy, things like this are one of the many reasons I love the stitching community. I know you said you only want a picture of Ben wrapped up in his quilt so I will do my best to pass the kindness on to others.

The quilt is absolutely gorgeous and warm too, the perfect mix of little boy colors and Russian and American themes. The bottom is done in minkee which is the softest, warmest stuff I've ever felt and knowing how Ben reacted to different textures I think this is going to be a favorite:) It will likely go to Russia with us to pick Ben up. I can easily imagine using it on the chilly plane ride home. As warm as the Siberian flights were, the Delta flights to and from Moscow are freezing! Not that I'm complaining.

Not much else going on in the rest of my life. Stitching is still happening but housework and work are getting in the way. I just realized that I'm in the middle of 3 weeks of 6 day work weeks. Ugh. I knew I was doing a lot of extra time but that's worse than I thought and I'll likely make it 4 in a row before it's all over so I can cover vacations at my store. Can't really complain about that either as the extra money will go toward my leave time from work (there is no such thing as adoption leave so unpaid FMLA time it is) or for adoption expenses but it does make me feel a little better about the slightly overgrown yard and shoddy housekeeping that's going on around here. No wonder I haven't had time. So in keeping with the trend, my plan for today (my day off this week) is to work around the house for about an hour, ignore what doesn't get done, and treat myself to a pedicure and some stitching time.


Missy Ann said...

I'm so happy you and dh like it.

And of course no rush on the picture. It'll be so busy when he first comes home, when things settle down in a year or two... lol

Karen said...

Whoa!! Now that's what I call a RAK! It's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing Ben all wrapped up and cozy in it, too! :)