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Friday, July 24, 2009

Escaping for the weekend!

Argh, if it weren't for the imminent escaping Blogger eating my original post would probably result in throwing of the computer.

I finally hit my limit this week- with the adoption, with the bank, with work, with everything. Adoption travel is probably pushed back to September, the bank is screwing with the credit limit on the equity line we're using to finance the adoption and work just stinks. I worked 13 hours of overtime this week (in the form of back to back double shifts yesterday and today) after working OT I think every week but 1 so far this month. The customers have been crazy, as in full moon crazy, though a quick Google search tells me full moon isn't here yet. And we're converting to a new computer system in less than a week that is guaranteed to increase prescription wait times to about double what they are now, and that's after we get used to it. Don't want to even think about wait times next week. There are a few more things too but these are the biggies.

Apparently the combination has sent me into a level of stressed out that rather frightened my dear husband. He came home Wednesday night and rather cautiously suggested that perhaps it might be a good idea if we maybe spent a little money and went away for the weekend, nothing big and extravagant but a nice hotel room a couple hours away and maybe a little shopping and a few meals out if that would be all right with me? All right, um no, that would be fabulous!

So we made quick reservations and packed last night and my husband is picking me up after my shift to make the hour and a half drive to a lovely, stress free weekend. We even have a LNS stop planned so I can get some fabric and maybe a few other things might jump into my basket too. I can't wait. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday, hopefully refreshed and ready to go again.


Christine said...

It certainly sounds like you deserve a weekend away, Sara! I hope it's wonderful.

Missy Ann said...

(((Sara))) Have a Relaxing weekend. And a flamingo picture will be waiting on my blog for you when you get back.

Jo said...

Have a wonderful weeked Sara, it sounds like you really need the break {{{hugs}}}

venus said...

Good thougts..thanks for sharing this post with us...
I so enjoyed my visit to your blog....It sounds like you really need a break...have wonderful weekend...

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