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Monday, July 27, 2009

Feeling much better now

Thank you very much for the good thoughts, the weekend off must have been exactly what both of us needed. While I'm still not happy about the way certain things are going at the moment I can step back and not drive myself nuts about them. It probably helps that I have a new project to keep my occupied and so does Erich.

But back to the weekend- we did head out late Friday evening and made it to our hotel by 10pm (11pm at home)local time, gotta love switching time zones! Saturday was spent at House of Stitches and the nearby outlet mall. I was pretty good but did manage to buy and kit up Nora Corbett's new pixie, Bluebell, as well as a copy of TW's Tracery Dragons which I did not kit yet. I also got fabric for two other projects I hope to start soon. In other shopping we did get some pajamas for Ben so now when he comes home he can have more than one set of jammies. Not too much else was bought, a couple books, a few new sauces from Le Gourmet Chef at the outlet mall. Erich thinks it's totally disgusting but I got one called Buffalo Blue Cheese dip. Oh well, guess I know he won't eat the last of it while I'm not around. The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy and driving around near the hotel. We made our way back home yesterday after a late lunch/early dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. When we're out we try to eat at places we don't have access to right around home and this one is usually a favorite. Erich loves their crab cakes. I can't say I have a favorite dish but I've been happy with pretty much everything I've ever gotten there.

So last was spent playing with new stash and watching Doctor Who as BBC America decided it was time to air one of the specials we poor U.S. fans hadn't seen yet. It was pretty good, not exceptional but nice to see a new episode. Erich spent his time getting our computer ready for the arrival of our shiny, new iPods which should be here in about a week or so. We've been debating about getting them and finally decided that they'll probably be a very welcome distraction on the trip to get Ben so we ordered them last night and Erich has been loading our CD collection into the iTunes account ever since.

I managed to find a nice Silkweaver solo to start Bluebell on and made a good start but ran into a problem. The poor thing looks like she has some kind of stockings on and I suspect gloves too if I were to stitch her arms. The chart calls for 754 and 948 as the flesh tones for this piece but nothing in between. The result is a very obvious change of color with no hint of shading whatsoever.

Bluebell 7/27/09

The purple in the fabric comes off slightly darker than in real life but the difference between the two flesh tones in the leg is pretty accurate. At this point I frogged the right leg already and I think I'm going to finish more of the dress and come back to the flesh a little later but I'm seriously considering swapping 945 for the 754 unless someone comes up with a better idea. Thoughts?

I'm going to try to get a few hours in on her this morning before work since the dog has pretty much looked like this all morning...

7/27/09 Sleeping

7/27/09 Still Sleeping

Apparently he didn't get a lot of sleep while boarding at the vet this weekend but I'm not complaining except for the snoring:)


Missy Ann said...

Good call on frogging that leg, it looked a bit odd. And I'm also insanely jealous that you have started!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sometimes its good to just run away.

venus said...

Pretty dog...
I love your blogs and i often visits your blogs..... thanks for sharing your post with us......

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