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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Purple fish has a buddy

Well my purple fish is no longer lonely, she's got kids and a buddy lurking in the seaweed and the start of a fishy bus now.

Fish City 4/15/09

I'm having a hard time putting this one down so I haven't. I've got Dragon Moon up in the bedroom right now and I'm slowly filling in the endless blue sky as we watch TV before bed but there's not a lot of exciting stuff to see, just a lot of blue. I'll post a pic of that one when I finish the page.

As for the rest of life, I'm very ready for a vacation from work. It's just time to go for awhile. And thankfully I'll be gone in less than two weeks. I got all our paperwork copied and put together yesterday. I think we've purchased just about everything we need to take with us except for a new DVD player which we'll look for this weekend. Hopefully we'll get our bags pretty much packed this weekend and we'll be ready to go next Saturday.

Before work today I'm going to print off a few more pics for the photo album we're putting together to take on the trip and then take some time to stitch. I'm trying to stay off my feet before work as I smashed a toe into the recliner in the dark yesterday and it's still pretty tender today. Don't think it's broken but it's taped up just in case. It is a pretty shade of purple under the nail though. Could be worse, at least it didn't happen next week when there isn't time to heal.


Jo said...

Cute fishes! Good luck with your packing.. don't forget to breathe with all this excitement!

Hazel said...

Oh my goodness it seems to have come around so quickly. All the best with the upcoming trip. Cute fish too. x

Glenda said...

The colours in Fish City are wonderful.

And for the adoption, don't forget to breathe. And take lots of pictures. :)