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Saturday, April 11, 2009

2 more weeks!

Thanks for listening to my whine the other day. I feel much better now, it was just one frustrating thing after another that day. All my pound cake did end up getting baked and I'll try to get a good pic of the lamb cake tomorrow before someone chops off the head or makes a pile of black jelly beans next to it.

It probably helped my mood yesterday that my dear husband surprised by by spending part of his day off fixing our garage door opener. It broke awhile back and we've been procrastinating on fixing it but it was one of the things we really wanted to have done before Ben comes home so Erich took the opportunity when a friend offered a used one at a good deal. He was so funny, he wrapped the little opener for my car like a present and gave it to me last night. Apparently this has been his super secret project for the last week or so.

The other happy thing is that the trip is getting so close- two weeks from today at just about this time we'll be taking off at the local airport and heading for Atlanta where we'll change planes for our flight to Moscow. I admit I'm starting to get a little nervous, we've been talking about all this for what seems like a very long time and it's all going to start actually happening very soon. We already have most of our stuff laid out next to the luggage in what will be the baby's room. I just hope we haven't forgotten anything too important!

Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter tomorrow! Erich has to work so I will be heading to church and my grandparents' Easter dinner alone but we'd both rather have him work this year rather than next so it'll be fine and I'll bring him home a plate.

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