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Monday, April 06, 2009

Fish City Update

It's Monday and I'm actually kind of glad except for the fact that there's snow on the ground right now. We spent most of the weekend with my husband's extended family and while it was nice to see them, it is also very nice to have a quiet morning today. And I should add, very nice not to have the flu on this quiet morning. Apparently one of the little kids that was thought to just have an upset stomach on Friday night actually had the flu and now bunches of the relatives have come down with it. Thankfully, both Erich and I are fine so far. The party did go well, by the way. It was a bit bigger than I would want to be in charge of but I didn't plan it so no worries here.

I did manage to get some stitching in on Fish City, mostly on Friday afternoon and evening before all the out of town relatives arrived. I really like the tweed effect that the ground has but I'm glad I got this section done. It seemed never-ending while I was stitching it. Now I get to stitch in bright colors again!

Fish City 4/6/09

Oh, and the purple fish, I almost forgot about her. She's one of many fish I'm planning to convert to something other than yellow. I like yellow and all but there just seems to be too much of it in this piece.

I'm off to get a few things done and stitch a bit before work. My goal between this week and next is to get all the paperwork we need for the Russia trip together and in a document organizer of some sort. Probably won't have too much stitching time later this week as Easter is coming and that means baking for me. I'll be making pound cake later this week and a lamb cake for Easter dinner which will really just be more pound cake baked in a lamb-shaped pan.

Happy Monday!


Missy Ann said...

Glad you ducked the flu. Your little purple fish is cute! I agree that Fish City has too much yellow.

Karen said...

So cute!!

Louanne said...

Sara, I agree with you about the yellow in Fish City. Your purple fish is so cute! I have this chart in my stash and when I stitch it (someday) I plan to change out a lot of the yellow as well.