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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Almost Friday!

Well, your Thursday and my Friday anyway:) After tomorrow I am off work for a 3 day weekend and I'm definitely going to need it for everything going on. Tomorrow is Erich's Dad's birthday and Saturday is my Dad's birthday so there will be much celebrating going on this weekend. Probably just a quiet dinner for my Dad but Erich's Dad is turning 60 so the family is throwing a big party for him and it is going to be combined with our nephew's party since he turns 4 in about two weeks. And the dog has a vet appointment Friday. And the trip to Russia is now 3 weeks away so we're really starting to work on getting ready for that.

The Russia trip preparation isn't really that bad but it seems like there's some little thing that needs to get done about every day to keep us on track. I am very thankful that we've had extra time to prepare for the trip as some families only get 1-2 weeks notice. We will have had 7 weeks notice by the time we leave. Our big exciting thing for the day today was that our passports came back with the visas stamped in them so now we're really official! The visa stamp isn't nearly as impressive as I thought it might be but half of it is in Russian so we got to see what our names look like in the Cyrillic alphabet. Tomorrow's task will be to finish up our cell phone rental, we found a great company that will give us a discount because we're adopting and they deliver the phone right to our hotel. I love it!

So far I've had a good amount of stitching time this week while I was off in the mornings so Fish City actually as a few fish in it now. I stitched the momma fish with the stroller in the lower left corner and turned her into a purple fish, the first of probably many color conversions on this piece to try and reduce the amount of yellow. I think she looks pretty good. I'll try and post a pic either tomorrow night or Friday.

And thank you for all the compliments on Noah's Sub. I'm very, very pleased with it and cannot wait to see it hung in our son's room. That will have to wait a bit though as it is not going to be painted until after our trip but I promise I will show plenty of pics when it is done.

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