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Friday, March 13, 2009

Stitchy pics

It's been a pretty good week except that I've come down with some sort of cold or sinus thing, hopefully not the same thing my family has been passing around since before my grandmother passed away. I think that my Dad, Erich and I are about the only ones who haven't gotten that yet. Time will tell.

Travel plans continue- we got our flights booked and our visa applications sent out. Now we wait and see what kind of hotel accomodations the adoption agency is able to negotiate. The flights worked out really well, we were quoted a decent rate and when we called the travel agent back she actually found us a better flight that will allow us to leave 2 days earlier and save us at least enough money to cover the extra two nights in a hotel. So now we will get to see a bit more of Moscow than we originally thought we'd be able to. Only 42 more days!

I know I promised pictures and I have several. First up is the non-stitchy one. My black thumb and I managed not to kill this pretty amaryllis that's been growing in my kitchen window...

Amaryllis 3/10/09

I finally got around to framing The Lord's Prayer that I did for Erich's grandmother. I've had it sitting on my craft table for a couple of months now, hoping that seeing it would motivate me to frame it and I finally gave in. Not the best lighting but it was dark out when I took this so I did the best I could. I gave it to her last weekend and she was really happy to have it.

The Lord's Prayer 3/10/09

Since I no longer have Noah's Sub to work on I've been tempted to start something new but so far I haven't given in. Instead I've been working on a few neglectd WIP's, mostly Kaleidoscope from Ink Circles...

Kaleidoscope 3/10/09

...and my big HAED, Lisa Victoria's Dragon Moon, which is no longer just a big blue blob. I now have most of a cloud!

Dragon Moon 3/10/09

So that's about it for now. I'm stuck working all weekend so probably not too much more stitching til next week but that's all right. Someone's got to make the money to get us to Russia:)


Christine said...

Wow, all of your projects look great, Sara!! The amaryllis is so pretty!

Karen said...

Love your stitching...and your amaryllis! I am amazed by the HAED designs....good job.

Karin said...

Fantastic news about your trip to Moscow. Be prepared to spend quite a bit to enter tourist places, and camera permits are usually extra on top of the admission.