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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dragon Moon Update and a new start

I didn't last too long without starting something new. I finally gave in on Sunday and started Fish City, not that you'd recognize it by the progress I've made...

Fish City 3/24/09

That would be a few of the bits of seaweed in the lower left corner of the picture. My current plan is to rotate through Kaleidoscope, Dragon Moon, and Fish City for awhile. Hopefully I'll finish one of them soon.

Before I started Fish City I made some good progress on Dragon Moon. I am officially sick of blue though, perhaps Fish City wasn't the best choice to fill in
the rest of my rotation but at least it has lots of other colors.

Dragon Moon 3/24/09

You'll have to excuse the random piece of dog hair, didn't see it until after the photo was loaded.

Not too much else going on, adoption travel is all booked and now we just wait. And of course now that we are broke from paying all the travel expenses and international fees my car has started acting up and my friendly mechanic/husband will be replacing my starter tonight. Hopefully that's the last of the unexpected extra expenses for awhile.

Oh, there is one more thing- duh! I picked up Noah's Sub from the framers the other day. I'll have to take it outside and get a good pic but definitely not today. We're having huge wind gusts and the last thing I need is for it to blow over! It looks awesome though and I promise I'll take a pic the next nice day we get.

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HTG's Crafty Critters said...

Fish city looks crazy!

I can't wait to see Noah's Sub all framed and ready to hang... you've been working on that one so long.