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Monday, January 19, 2009

Noah's Sub

The dear hubby has left me for the rest of the week. I'm currently waiting for his phone call to let me know he made it his hotel in Grand Rapids safely. The roads are all right but not great, it's been snowing this evening so they're a little slick. I'm sure he'll be fine though, I'd much rather have him get there tonight than go up tomorrow morning and have to face morning traffic and possibly worse weather too. The hotel is only a few minutes from the training store so he shouldn't have far to go tomorrow.

So it's just me and the dog now and one of us is looking quite abused and neglected...

Leland 1/19/09

That would be the dog on the loveseat behind me. Apparently I'm not paying him the attention he thinks he needs and he's pouting before he falls asleep. If you ask him about the long car ride this afternoon where I bravely let him stick his head out the back window while I froze or the Kong treat he got for dinner or the bit of play time we had after dinner, I'm sure he'll deny them all.

Anyway, not too much new to report since yesterday. It's snowing, again. Had therapy today where we discussed why my neck is starting to bother me again. That's been a little frustrating, things were going pretty well but my neck is starting to cramp up again in the mornings. The PT thinks I'm overdoing it so we backed off on the weights a little and I got treated to some therapeutic massage which loosened things up some. I keep telling myself to be patient but sometimes this healing process moves too slow for me. Must be the competitive spirit the PT says I have- he scolded me repeatedly in the beginning when he was trying to get me all stretched out because he said I was forcing the stretches farther than I was supposed to.

I did manage to get a picture of Noah's Sub before the dog took over the couch. That happens to be where I spread out my stitching for most of my digital pics.

Noah's Sub 1/19/09

I'm getting there. I took a break from the animals to work on the sky for awhile and plan to get some done tonight and hopefully more done tomorrow while I watch the inauguration of our new President. I've got the afternoon shift at work so I should have time to watch a good chunk of the festivities.


Missy Ann said...

The Sub looks great. Looks to me like you'll be able to have it done by the time you come home with the kiddo.

Hazel said...

Wow your sub looks great! Awww your doggie is so cute. xx