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Friday, January 30, 2009

Noah's still floating along

He's still not finished but not for lack of trying! Two weeks without the dear hubby went fast and while a good deal of stitching was done a good deal of nothing was done too:) It was kind of nice not to have to cook every night and only to have to worry about the dog. He's pretty self-entertaining. He spent most of the time either sleeping or murdering his new soft squeaky cows. He took an awful lot of pleasure in ripping out the squeakers and slowly unstuffing them all over my family room. Now he carries around the remnants and keeps trying to convince me we should play fetch with them. Goofy dog.

Anyway, stitching is going pretty well. I got most of the last group of animals on top of the sub done, just a bit more to go there and the backstitching of course. Got some more sky done too, plenty of that is left though. It is quite deceiving, one would think it should go fast but that is before one realizes the extent of the confetti stitching involved. Oh well, it'll get done sometime before the kid goes to college. Not that we've heard anything about the adoption yet, things have seemed to be in slow motion since the holidays. Or it could be that I know we're getting close to "the call" and I'm just as bad as a kid anticipating Christmas. Oh yes, and I do have a picture of the stitching...

Noah's Sub 1/29/09

Sorry for the less than great quality if you happen to click and enlarge it. I didn't realize it was a little blurry until too late to redo it. I'll do better next time, I promise!

Erich called a bit ago to let me know he made it home and also that he found a package in the mail from a place called Silkweaver and was that something important? Silly man, of course it is and you have no idea how much money is wrapped up in that little package. Don't ask. Actually it isn't that bad, it was birthday money anyway but I'm sure it would seem a lot of money to a non-stitcher. So I'm off to play with new fabrics in a bit and hopefully get a bit of stitching time in during the Super Bowl later this weekend.

See ya in a week or so, maybe sooner if time allows or something super exciting happens:)


Missy Ann said...

The end is the worst time waiting for baby. The days drag, then wham! The baby is here and next thing you know it's years later and when's the last time I had a haircut??

I'm waiting on a package from Silkweaver myself, lucky you!

Suzanne said...

Is Silkweaver important? Goodness, even the name sounds important!! LOL Continued prayers for the babe that is to come your way!!! Suz

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Noah's sub looks awesome! You're almost there!!! I've stitched this myself and know exactly what's involved.