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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Connected again

I didn't mean to be quiet so long, it was just that the internet connection at home wasn't working for awhile and work was busy so no blogging time there.

Anyway, thanks for the good thoughts about the shoulder. It's still there and I'm still making progress. Hopefully the twice weekly visits to the therapist will be cut to weekly soon so that I'll have a little more free time again.

Stitching is still going on. I've been working at Noah's Sub and I am finally into the last page. If I weren't in a hurry to have it done for the baby I would probably put it down for awhile, it just feels like such an obligation piece right now. It makes me want to pick up anything else so I've been trying to reward myself occasionally and stitch something else for a night. Unfortunately that has led to the discovery that it is time to see the optometrist. Stitching on my HAED's has been giving me some headaches lately so it must be time to update my lenses. The appointment is this week so in a few weeks I should be all set, hopefully in time to reward myself for finishing Noah's Sub!

Erich's training is back on again so he's going to be leaving me for 4 nights starting tomorrow night, coming back for the weekend and then gone again for 4 more nights. I love my husband dearly but I'm kind of looking forward to the extra stitching and Lost time:) I've rented the first season and now I'm hooked. I just hope we're done with snow for awhile, I'm going to be losing my shoveler! So far the weather promises to be better than last week though, can't be much worse than subzero temperatures and snow and more snow.

No huge adoption news yet but I talked to our agency and they said we're probably in the top 4-5 families on the waiting list for a referral. That sounds pretty promising though it's impossible to predict how much longer it will be before the call comes.

I'll try to get some stitching and maybe snow pics up this week sometime. Take care everyone!

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