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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

2 months down...

...and hopefully not too many more to go. Our adoption paperwork celebrates the two month anniversary of its arrival in Russia tomorrow. We're getting close and I know it and it is driving me nuts not to know when that call is coming. I have a feeling we'll be waiting at least through February with the slow down because of Christmas and a few other things that have slowed the system since the new year started but you never know. I keep reminding myself that we're lucky we're adopting from a country with a relatively short wait time (China is now at nearly 3 years vs. our 2-4 months) so I really can't complain but the anticipation is killing me:)

I've got enough to do for the next week or so to keep busy and not think about it too much though. Tomorrow is my double shift for work and then I'm off for 4 days. It should have been 3 but I get to report for jury duty on Monday so we had to switch shifts around a bit. I almost hope they pick me, I've never served on a jury and think it would be an interesting experience, not to mention a break from work. I know it would be work but of a different kind. And on Sunday we have plans to see my little brother's basketball team play in their tournament. Hopefully he'll have a good game, they're not the best but they try really hard and they seem to be having fun! The rest of the weekend will likely be taken up by cleaning house and stitching. Poor Noah's got to get finished some time soon. I added a chicken and a bit more on the sheep (at least I think that's what it is) on deck since last post.

Can't wait to get a spare minute to pick up a needle tonight- I stopped and picked up my shiny new glasses this morning and am feeling pretty good now that my eyes have adjusted. I'm hoping the over 1 stitching will be less of a strain on the eyes now. It felt great to have the magnetic clip driving around in the sunshine this afternoon. I haven't had sunglasses for the past year or so since someone accidentally smashed my last clip. I'm satisfied with the frames though I was a bit afraid of the tech that helped me pick them out. She seemed to be under the impression that I wanted either the latest style with all sorts of rhinestones and flashy temple pieces or big clunky plastic frames which she claimed are in style right now. She even had one pair with a rotating temple piece so I could change the design daily. No thanks, just a nice not-too-fancy frame in a non-neon color with a magnetic clip please. And that is what I got though I think I offended the tech by not heeding her fashion advice. Oh well, I'm the one paying for and wearing them so I get to pick.

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Christine said...

Your new glasses look really nice, Sara! I got some new ones just before Christmas and like you, I can't wear the ones with the really chunky frame. I especially find the wide side arms troublesome because they block my peripheral vision. I got wire frames, but slightly thicker that most frames and a different style than I've had in the past. Oh yeah, they're purple, too!

I'm crossing my fingers that you'll get your phone call soon!!