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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy Dance!

Completely unrelated to stitching but I had a very good day at physical therapy today. I think I've mentioned it in passing but I've been going to a physical therapist for the last 5 weeks or so for my shoulder. I'm not quite sure what happened, I injured it somehow a few years ago and the pain went away all by itself but last March or so it started back up again and I went to the doctor for it and did some exercises for awhile and it sort of got better.

Fast forward to November or so and it started to get really bad (as in pain from my jawline all the way down the shoulder to the point that I couldn't turn my head without pain and couldn't lift much on that side either) so she sent me for evaluation by a physical therapist to see if he could loosen me up and fix me. Found out from him that there was probably some sort of muscle tear/pull and some tendon damage as well and that part of the problem was that I'd been babying the shoulder for quite awhile and had lost some range of motion and strength on that side.

So we started stretching and it hurt, a lot. With the pain came slow improvement though and today for the first time he was able to stretch my arm through the full range of motion with no pain:) Very happy day for me! I always dreaded the stretching portion of our sessions. I know there was improvement every time but there was always this one spot that just didn't want to loosen up and it seemed like it never would. We were talking as he worked my shoulder and all of the sudden I realized what he was doing and looked up at him and said "Hey, that doesn't hurt!" to which he replied, "You sound kinda disappointed, would you like it to?" Not that he actually would do that but it was kind of funny, he's been awesome to work with and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in the area.

Of course I'm a little sore now because we bumped the weights up on some of the exercises but I feel good knowing that I'm getting there and should be back to normal by the time we bring the little one home from Russia.

So that's my happy dance for the day. Hope everyone else is having a good Wednesday too!


Hazel said...

Hope your shoulder gets better soon. I have printed off the TW whitework ornie that you made for me and I am going to give it a go! I will have to keep looking at yours for help! xx

Jo said...

wow, that's great news, I hope it's plain sailing from now on in...

Christine said...

That's great news, Sara!!