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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December Goals

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Ours was nice, didn't turn out quite as we planned but we had a pretty good time anyway. My Dad ended up with the flu so he missed out on Thanksgiving dinner and 2 of our 3 family gatherings changed time at the last minute so we had to rearrange our plans but we ended up having dinner with Mom's family which hasn't happened in several years so that was nice. Usually we stop there sometime in the afternoon and visit with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins but miss dinner. Hopefully Christmas will go a little smoother, though the craziness did keep me from thinking of our little one over in Russia too much.

No new adoption news, just waiting now. We've turned in everything we can and are waiting on Citizenship and Immigration's approval for the next piece of paperwork we need to turn in. As I understand it though, our dossier can be reviewed and translated while we wait.

I actually got around to setting some goals last month so let's see how I did since it is December now...

-Finish stitching 4 ornaments.
-Turn 2 of them into finished ornaments.
-Pick up Noah's Sub for a bit.

-Get adoption paperwork apostilled.
-Send adoption paperwork to adoption agency for submission to Russia.
-Pack up recycling and take it.
-Wash kitchen floor (hands and knees scrub, not just a quick mop and promise)
-Clean up yard for the winter.

Hmm, I guess you can see where the priorities were and housework wasn't one of them:) The weather hasn't really cooperated for us to get much yard work done lately. Seems that every time I work the weather is nice and it's crappy when I'm home. Oh well, it'll get done sometime. Same goes for the recycling, it's been crappy so neither of us has wasn't to pack it into the car and stand outside sorting it into the bins at the recycling center. The kitchen floor I have no excuse for really, just haven't had the time. Maybe this month.

So how about some new goals for December then...

-Finish at least 3 ornaments into ornaments
-Finish Noah's Sub (I can hope and wish, can't I?)

-Send out Christmas cards
-Finish shopping and wrapping before Dec. 24
-Take recycling

-Wash kitchen floor
-Clean up yard for the winter

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Karin said...

Good luck with the adoption process, Sara!