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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, it's just life again:) Good news is we sort of took a step forward with the adoption paperwork. We got to gather it all up and send it off to the adoption agency who is now reviewing it. Bad news is that they're still missing two pieces before we can go much further with it.

What could have possibly happened now, you ask? Well, there are several documents that we are required to send two original copies of and so that means two noatry seals and two apostilles. For some unknown reason the Secretary of State's office took one document and the duplicate and stapled then sealed them as one. Not all the duplicates, just the one. Uggh. So of course we had to redo them and send them back to be sealed again. As soon as the redone docs hit the adoption agency and are approved the whole thing can go to the translation service and after that we'll be stopped again until Citizenship and Immigration approves our advanced application form, at least that's the way I understand things should happen. We should be getting our approval from CIS soon, the last of the paperwork we owed them got sent in almost a month ago now and that's about how long it took for them to respond to our application in the first place. Once all that is taken care of though, our little bundle of papers heads to Russia and we wait for the call that tells us we're going to be parents. Estimated time for our type of application right now is up to about 4 months which is relatively short considering that other countries like China take a couple of years to process applications. I try to keep reminding myself of how lucky we are in that respect and that we will likely be a family of 3 next holiday season. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

Not much going on in way of stitching this week. I'm working long hours at the beginning of the week because I get a 4, yes 4 day weekend starting Thursday. I can't wait and I wish that Erich didn't have to work but that's what happens when you work retail so I will try to enjoy a quiet weekend. There are several ornies that need finishing though my plan for the TW whitework ornies with charms in the middle instead of an eyelet stitch might need to be revised a bit as the charms are proving difficult to find, at least the ones I want are. Oh well, I can get them beaded and all the backing fabric and such cut and finish them off at the last minute if my OLS order doesn't make it. I will try to get some pics up this weekend. My TWCOE ornies made it into the mail so maybe I'll even get to post those if they happen to make it to their destinations.

Oh, and I forgot to answer a question from comments the last time I posted- on the TW whitework ornies, the green one is Dinky Dyes Rain Forest and the two blue ones are done in DMC Color variations, I think 4020 and 4030 are the numbers.

I see I've been tagged by Karen so I'll have to think of some answers to her meme.

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating on Thursday if I don't make it back before then!

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep plugging away at the adoption process! You'll get there!